President Celina Flores
Vice President Brooke Doyle
Secretary Lindley Domingue
Treasurer Kelly Walker
Reporter Kimberly Riley

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Ashlea Brown, 6317 Madison, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address: pngchick695@yahoo.com
Phone number: 409-963-2438
Occupation - PNG Technology Department/Student at Lamar Port Arthur
Hey everyone!! Hope everyone is doing good...I am going to school at PA for nursing...Thinking to graduated around 2006-2007! Not quite sure yet...depends on which program I enter...I miss everyone, and e-mail me or something! Good Luck to Everyone...

Stephanie Cole Snow, Dallas, TX
e-mail address: stephanie.snow@gmail.com
Moved to Dallas to attend Dallas Baptist University. Graduated with a BA in Sociology in May 2007. Met my husband Rob Snow at DBU. Married him in December 2007. Rob works for DBU and I work for Starbucks.
Updated: 5/21/08

Arlane Concepcion, Tyler, Texas
Occupation: Student at University of Texas at Tyler--Nursing Major
Can't believe it's been more than a year since graduation. I'm hoping to graduate in 2007 with a BSN. Hope everyone else is doing well.

Krystin Frost
e-mail address: frosty2723@yahoo.comor kf1075@txstate.edu
Occupation: Full time student
I am attendig Texas State University! I graduated high school from a one A school...Prairie Lea...with a class of 12! E-mail me if you rememer me...I would love to keep in touch especially if you know Janette Davis, Leah Bearden, Lainey Hargroder or Celia Flores or Tiffany Haag.

Kristi Lasseigne
e-mail address: lovedancing2003@wmconnect.com
Occupation: Target
College: Lamar Port Arthur-Accounting
Hey everyone! I was just wanting to see what everyone has been up to since graduation and where everyone is at college! I should graduate in
August 2005! See you all at our Reunion or even sooner!

Julie Mooneyham
e-mail address: jdmooneyham@gmail.com
Occupation: I moved to College Station a little over a year ago to begin my teaching career. I started in middle school as Language Arts and History teacher, but decided to give teaching 3rd grade a try this year. So far it was a great decison!
I am a Lamar alumni (Class of 2007) and majored in Broadcast Journalism. Hope everyone is doing well!
Updated: 8/27/11

Ben Quinn, 5840 Baird Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address: ben_quinn@excite.com
Occupation: Student/musician
Hey everyone. I can't believe graduation was only a year and a half ago. I hope everyone is doing well in all their endeavors. I'm currently going to school at Lamar-Beaumont majoring in Music Education with an emphasis in Band and Orchestra. I'm also in the process of getting a band off the ground (we've been playing together for about 3 years now.) Anyway, I hope you all stay safe and I look forward to seeing you at a reunion or around town or something like that. Cheers!

Mandy Rogers
e-mail address: xxMandyLooHooxx@aol.com
Occupation: Student @ Lamar Beaumont & Courtesy Booth Operator @ Market Basket
I will be graduating eventually with a bachelor's degree in inter-disciplinary studies. In other wrods I'm going to be an elementary school teacher! Anyways, I hope everyone is doing well...hasta mi amigos!!
Updated: 9/11/06

Rodney Chea Romero, PO BOX 492, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address: rodneychea@inbox.com
Phone Number 409-962-6558
Occupation Jr. Comptroller w/ GMAC
Finished College 2007 in Dec @ U of H, with a BBA in Fin. Nationally accredited and certified with AIPB in accounting, and undergoing exam process for my CFE. Also in the process of starting my own accounting firm called Momentum Live.
Updated: 7/23/07

Stephanie Schaver Groves,TX 77619
e -mail address: lilxcuti@aol.com
Occupation: I am a full time student at Lamar Port Arthur. My major is Legal Assistant!
Hey you guys. I miss ya'll, I still see a few of ya'll every now and then. Can't wait to see our class again!

Krissi Simmons
Occupation: All I've done since graduation is work, but I'm planning on going to school in the spring or fall. If anyone wants to say hi, just e-mail. Hope everyone is doing okay and being successful.

Brittanie Smith, Huntsville, TX
e-mail address: britanie_s@hotmail.com
Occupation: Massage Therapy Student, will gradute Mar. 2009
Updated: 5/19/08

Valerie Stevens, 753 Eveningview, Port Neches TX 77651
e-mail address: Vals2oo3@aol.com
Occuation: I am finishing school in Jan. 2004 for a Massage Therapist. So come see me... Ü
I am not sure of where I am going to be working but call me and I will help yall out.. 722-7451. I live in Beaumont now with my roommate that everyone knows... Laci Totels... i love it .. it is crazy and lots of fun.. yall should come see us sometime.. I miss yall all hope to see yall soon or at least hear from ya.. bye and best of luck with your future...

Lacey Watkins
e-mail address: LacE51085@aol.com
Occupation: Child Care Professional
I am currently attending Lamar State College for a Child Development major.....I hope to graduate in a year or less. I am currently engaged and expect to get married sometime next winter.