President Scott Ryan
Vice President Angie Meaux
Secretary Christi Hollier
Treasurer Robyn Berry
Reporter Nadia Matar

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Tamra Adair Loyd, 1063 Cr 3102, Call, TX 75933
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-423-4242
Occupation: Medical secretary
Married with 2 kids Amanda -10 ; Riley 5. Living out in the middle of "no mans land"!!! If anyone is ever in Kirbyville -call my work or come on by!!!!!!
Would love to see ya!!!
Updated: 11/27/07

Brandon J. Arceneaux, San Antonio, TX
e-mail address:
Phone number: 512-797-3187
Occupation: Alamo Drafthouse Cinema franchisee
Updated: 2/16/07

Mandie Arredondo Champagne, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address:
Phone number:  409-749-0074
Occupation:  Teaching school at my old school, teaching 8th graders. Have a 7 year old son named Zeke; emails would be great.
Updated: 1/7/08

Troy R. Arrington, Colorado Springs, CO 80920
e-mail address:,,
Mobile number: 970.946.2386
Occupation: Currently an independent broker for health care/dental coverage. Took a crack at opening a restaurant/nightclub with the folks, but that didn't work out too well. Still love the outdoors, mountains, skiing, snowmobiling, 4x4ing, looking for my soulmate(been challenging), hiking, golfing and landscaping(not necessarily in that order!) Recently moved back to a city, but can't seem to keep from heading west and being high in the mountains at 13,000 ft. I do miss all of your faces and can't wait until our paths cross again. Keep it real and don't hesitate to get in touch, especially if you're close.
P.S. Stacy where are you?!? 

Tana Bergeron, Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address:
Occupation: I am currently working for Novartis Pharmaceuticals.  
I graduated from Texas A&M in '99 and from Lamar with my Masters' in '02.  

Robyn Berry Reeves, address: whereever the Air Force sends us!
e-mail addres:
Occupation: Depending on where we are--sometimes I'm teaching, sometimes I'm a stay-at-home mom.
I married my high school sweetheart, James Reeves, 6/13/98. We have two precious kiddos, Ashton James 5/12/04 and Kylee Lynn, 4/22/08.
Updated: 9/11/08

Brenda Berryman Storch, Conroe, TX 77304
e-mail address:
Occupation: Student
Going to school full time for Respiratory Therapy in Kingwood. Still married to Jeremy and raising our daughter, Alyssa (6/25/99) and one cat, Stormy. Would love to hear from anyone :)

Brice W. Boudreaux, 13327 Brigadier, Willis, TX 77318
e-mail address: 
Occupation:  Dairyman

Daniel Brantley
e-mail address:
Occupation: Refinery Operator @ Premcor Refinery
Graduated from Lamar Institute of Technology with an Associates of Applied Science degree in Process Operating Technology in December 2001. Been working @ Premcor for 2 1/2 years. I have been married for 1 1/2 years to Dana Romero who graduated from Nederland in 1997. No kids yet, but own two rottweilers. Purchased our first house in Nederland a year ago in 2003. Hope to see everyone at the 10 year reunion.

Anna A. Breaux, 6129 Cove Drive, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-962-8636
Occupation:  Collections Manager, Museum of the Gulf Coast in Port Arthur, Texas
I now live in Groves, and am attending Lamar University-Beaumont finishing my degree in Elementary Education and hope to be taking my teaching certification tests soon. I would love to hear from you guys and catch up on life.

Katie Breaux Gerdin, 18015 Hobby Forest, Humble, TX 77346
e-mail address:
Phone number: 281-812-8595
Occupation: Stay-at-home Mom
My husband and I had our first, Ally Claire, on 3/30/03. My husband was gone with the military for six months but thankfully he is home now. I'm staying home with our little girl at the present time and enjoying every minute of it! Would love to hear from anyone! God Bless!

Ginny Brooks Sanders, 6661 Val, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address: 
Phone number: 409-960-6815
Occupation:  Waitress
I work at Southern Kitchen in Port Arthur, and love my job. I have two kids. Justin (3yrs),and Shae Lynn 8 mnths. I married Michael Sanders. I am glad to see that everyone is doing good. I would love to hear from anyone that would like to chat.

Kirby Brough, 212 N. 24th St., Nederland, TX 77627
Occupation: Stand-up Comic
I am married and have two wonderful girls Sydney Breane age 9, Lauryn Dawn age 8. I am currently doing stand up part time, but am now working on doing it full time in the near future.
Updated: 11/9/07

Mark C. Broussard, 10131 Sagemill, Houston, TX 77089
e-mail address:
Phone number:  281-484-7344
Married Angie Meaux. We have two children, Hailey 6 and Hayden 4.

Michael Broussard, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-543-5935.
Occupation: strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer

Alysha Brown Daniels, 5101 Main, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-963-0210
Occupation:  Teacher at Groves Elementary
I now have three beautiful daughters(Alexis-6, Aspen-2,and Austyn-1

Michelle (Missi) Brown Bobbitt, 2870 Solomon, Port Arthur, TX 77640
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-736-3013 or 409-720-1750
Occupation: Elderly Caregiver
Married William (Chet) Bobbitt III , We got married 5 years ago, no kids yet, 3 dogs

Jennifer Burk Kelley, 5434 Westchester Lane Lumberton, TX 77657
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-243-2710
Occupation: Stay-at-home mom
I have been a Stay at Home Mom since June 2007. I have two little boys Jackson is 4 and Judah is 2. Patrick and I have been married since 05/11/01. We moved to Lumberton almost 2 years ago and we are here to stay. Would love to hear from anyone.
Updated: 3/6/08

Chad A. Catalina, 2016 Main #1422, Houston, TX 77002
e-mail address:
Phone number: 281-704-9886
What is up guys, I know you all have been waiting for me to say whats up so....Whats up..(joke). I am currently working for Toshiba in Houston as a Sales Rep. I live downtown, have a yellow lab, constantly trying to figure out the dating life and constantly struggling. I graduated from Stephen F. Austin in 1999 with a B.B.A. (marketing) and have been living in Houston ever since. It's really great to read about all the old friends from school. It brings back a lot of really cool memories. I could honestly say I miss all of you, although Im sure I will get my dose next year at the 10 year party. Well, if anyone wants to call or email, please do.. Im constanly up on all the Houston scene so if anyone comes down Holla..

Jennifer Cavaretta Blevins
e-mail address:
Occupation: United States Postal Service /City Carrier.
I am married to my wonderful husband Shane who is stationed at Ft.Campbell KY. I have a beautiful son, Riddock Dane (2yrs.) Hope all is well and happy...
Updated: 8/29/07

Amanda Cavazos Brooks
e -mail address:
Phone number: 409-548-0374
Occupation: Stay at home mom/co-owner of D&A Construction
I married Daniel Brooks from Nederland 8/3/96. We have 2 children, Victoria born 6/30/01 and DJ born 2/28/05. My husband and I build 2 houses four ourselves and now have a contractor's license to build for other people. Sorry we missed the reunion, hope to see everyone at the next one.
Updated: 5/15/06

Craig Chaplain, Ft. Benning, GA 31905
e-mail address:
Phone number: 706-687-2625
Occupation:  M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank Operator. (It's not as fun as it sounds!!)
I got married 4/7/97 to a wonderful woman I met near Ft. Benning and we have a beautiful daughter born 2/11/99.  She got all of her looks from her mother!!!  Anyone who wants to talk, feel free to e-mail me.

John C. Chaplain, 139 Deerwood Ct., Hinesville, GA 31313
e-mail address: 
Occupation:  U.S. Army
Hey, everyone. I am stationed in Ft. Stewart Ga. and am a M1A1 main battle tank gunner. My job is pretty cool!!! I get to blow @&*! up! I am about to get my Sergeant pinned on me. I got married to my wonderful wife Lori on 7April97 and she is from Alabama. I have a daughter Alexis born 11Feb99 and am expecting a newborn sometime at the end of May 2001. I am currently serving a 7 Mnth tour here in Bosnia. I am so glad to see that you are all doing so well!! If anyone wants to talk just write me.

Kevin D. Choate, 4531 Lee St. Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-729-3666
Occupation: Food Production Plant
In reflection I look back on my days at PN-G, and wish I would have done things so I could look back and ask myself why I did

Ryan G. Choate, 2221 Post Oak, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address:
Occupation:  United Parcel Service
Getting married to Rachel Osborne

Elizabeth K. Clarke, 2301 Eastmark Dr. #214, College Station, TX 77840
e-mail address: 
Phone number: 409-694-6511
Occupation: 2nd year veterinary student
Hey kids! I made it into Vet School, and am now insanely busy learning the inner workings of your family pet... and I met a soon to be rich Veterinarian-to-be, who is absolutely the best looking thing I have ever seen in a cowboy hat :) Life is good, and it just keeps getting better! Hope everyone is enjoying life as grownups.. see you in a few years!

Blake J. Cliett, San Diego, CA
e-mail address:
Phone number: 619-275-2490
Occupation: US Navy- Computer Tech/ Miniature Electronics
Slowly making my way into the music industry also. A little Dj'ing, but also working on the production, promotion, and recording of Electronic Music. Mainly Trance and Progressive.

Clay Collins, Rt. 4 Box 258, Jasper, TX 75951
e-mail address:
It's good to see everyone doing so well. I moved to another school 1 year before graduation to Louisiana. But, I will always remember my friends at PNG. I am in Jasper, TX, now and even though I was the quiet one in school, I am now the loud mouth, say anything DJ on the morning show and Program Director at Ranch 102.7 FM (country). I have been in radio for six years and love every minute of it. Feel free to email me anytime. And if you are in the east Texas area, tune in from 6 - 10 a.m.

Amy E. Conwell Johnston ,922 Dallas Street , Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-724-2956
Occupation:  Graduated Lamar in 2000 with a BSN in nursing. Currently own/operate Allegiance Home Health with my sister.
I married Jason Johnstone (Westbrook class of '95), we have one beautiful son, Keegan Alan, born Oct 5, 2004, 2 cats, Rascal and Reo, and a
chocolate lab, Cooper.

Shannon L. Copley, 805 Montgomery St., Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address: PSYCHOBLONDE1@AOL.COM 
Phone number: 409-722-4119
Occupation:  I am currently tending bar at Parrot Head pub on Pleasure Island. 
I have graduated from Lamar with a bachelors of arts in Psychology, and am planning to return for my masters in psychology in the Fall of 01.

Brandon Cropper, 6326 Madison, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-718-1082
Occupation : Registered Nurse
Just took a job as the House Supervisor at Renaissance Hospital in Groves. Engaged to Emmy Melancon ('95) and plan to get married in April 2005.

J. R. Cuellar, III, 3549 6th Ave., Port Arthur, TX 77642
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-985-7223
Occupation: Bartender/Manager/Waitor/DJ/Student
Well, as most of you guys, I've just been going to work and school! I am currently a bartender at the Bottle Shop in Mid County.... stop by and have a drink! 

Aaron Daniels, 5101 Main Ave., Groves, TX 77619
Phone number: 409-963-0210
Occupation: Mechanic
I still work for my dad at A&J Engine Service. I married Alysha Brown in '97. We now have three beautiful daughters: Alexis is 6, Aspen is 2, and Austyn is 1.

Jason Daws, River Oaks, Houston, TX
e-mail address:
Occupatoin: Store Director-Eddie Bauer, Houston Galleria
Graduated from Lamar University in May 2001 with a BBA in Marketing. A month later accepted a position as the visual director for all of the Express Men clothing stores in the Austin area (4 locations). Moved to Houston in February 2003 to expand my opportunities with Express. After 6 years with the same company, landed at the Houston Galleria and had enough 90+ hour work weeks. Took a job as a corporate recruiter for accounting and financial professionals. Wasn't what I thought, so as of July 2007, I am the store director of Eddie Bauer at the Galleria. I live in Houston (River Oaks) with my 2 year old terrier, Pepe. All is well here. Drop a line if you have a chance it would be good to reconnect.
Updated: 1/7/08

Jill Ellis-Larsen, 7213 Ridge Creek Drive, Corpus Christi, TX 78413
e-mail address:
Phone number: 361-850-7864
I am a training coordinator for McDonald's in Beaumont and Corpus Christi, and my family has now decided to purchase another market in the Rio Grande Valley. We now have 80 stores and here in the near future my husband, Eric, and I will be taking over some of our own. Eric and I married in May 2001 and we had a beautiful little girl Edytha "Peyton" in October 2002. I also have a great 12 year-old stepson, Caleb. We have a timeshare with him; every other weekend and 6 weeks in the summer. I miss ole Port Neches and get home every chance I get; e-mail me. I would love to have lunch and catch up!! God bless.

Richard W. Foote
e-mail address:
Occupation: Army
I am currently stationioned in Germany, where I have be for the past 6 years (since 2001) when I haven't been deployed. I married my sexy wife Malwine 3 years ago and we just celebrated our super cool son - Sean Romeo's - 1st birthday :P. Its been nice to read/remember each of you and see how you are all doing! Anyone wanting to catch up, feel free to email me...
Updated: 10/1/07

Jason D. Fortune, Port Arthur, TX 77642
e-mail address: 
Occupation:  Graduated from Lamar University in 2000, now living in Arlington, Texas and working for the Texas Rangers Baseball Club.
Dating, but not married yet!

Dawn Fournet Michalewicz, College Station, TX 77840
e-mail address:
Phone number: 979-680-0102
Occupation:  Currently working for United Realty and Investments in College Station.
Married a great west texas guy named Charles 11/01/03 and we have a beautiful baby boy named Garrison 5/25/06
Updated: 8/23/06

Christopher N. Fruge, PO Box 7055, Provo, UT 84602
e-mail address:
Phone number: 801-367-9828
Occupation: Technician/Programmer
I returned to Brigham Young University in January of 2001, after spending time as the Network Administrator at Transit Mix and Technical Support at Dell Computer. BYU recently hired me full-time as a Technician/Programmer, and I am also finishing a degree in Statistics with an Informatin Systems emphasis.

Blake M. Gauthier, 3190 Jamestown, Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-722-2899
Occupation: Chemtreat
Graduated from Texas A&M in 1999, We have two children Jake (9-22-2002) and Claire (7-18-2006).
Updated: 1/19/07

Julie Giblin Gauthier, 3190 Jamestown, Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-722-2899
PN-GISD Elementary Curriculum Coordinator
Graduated from Texas A&M in 1999, and Lamar in 2002 with my master’s. Married Blake Gauthier in 2000. We have two children Jake (9-22-2002) and Claire (7-18-2006).
Updated: 1/19/07

Tracy A. Girouard, 72 Bedford Street Apt. 5B New York, NY 10014
e-mail address: 
Phone number: 646-283-2454
Occupation:  I received my masters in speech-language pathology in 2002 and am now working in New York City. I hope everyone is doing well and if you are ever in the city give me a call. Can't wait to see everyone in a couple of years.

Breean B. Goswick, 421 West San Antonio F-5, San Marcos, TX 78666
e-mail address:
Phone number: 512-754-7449
Occupation:  Aveda Corporation
I recently got married and we will be moving to New York in in January

Ashley Green Guilbeaux, 8172 Beauxart Garden Rd., Nederland, TX 77627
e-mail address:  GBEAUX@AOL 
Phone number:  409-722-7188
Occupation:  Stay-at-home mom
I married Danny Guilbeaux 6-13-97. We have two little boys Daniel Bradly 11-19-97 & Ashton Ryan 5-11-00.

Dawn Guidry Price, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address:
Phone number:  409-962-5105
Occupation:  Housewife
I married Danny Price on 06/08/96. We have a little boy named Logan who was born on 01/09/03. I am glad to see everyone is doing so good.

Amber R. Guilbeaux, 1000 Gladstell Rd #610 Conroe TX 77304
e-mail address:
Phone number:  409-753-1442
Occupation:  Currently working for Wells Fargo Bank in The Woodlands
Live with my boyfriend of 3 years and my cat Khloe. Currently learning to play pool and playing in pool tournaments.

Maranda Hardin Hernandez, 3707 O Henry Dr., Montgomery, TX 77356
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-527-0475
Living and working in the Conroe area with my two amazing kids!
Updated: 6/18/15

Rusty Hargroder, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address:
Occupation: Superintendent for Atlantic Scaffolding at ExxonMobil.
Married to Joni (Melancon) Hargroder for 11 years now, two girls, Kennedy age 10 (12/96) and Cameron age 7 (2/00).
Updated: 3/20/87

Kayla Harmon, 1132 West 23rd Street, Houston, TX 77008
e-mail address:
Occupation - Commodities trading
I graduated from Texas A&M in 1999, and I have been living in Houston since then. I currently work for Citigroup on their commodities trading floor.
Updated: 2/2/09

Elliott J. Harrington, 1215 Lillie, Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address: 
Phone number: 409- 722-1334
Occupation:  Operator 
I'm an operator for Bayer Corporation in Orange, married Heather Holmes in '99 and she is an X-Ray Tech. at Beaumont Bone and Joint.

Nina Harrington Bean, 115 N. 9th Street, Nederland, TX 77627
Phone number:  409-729-0742
Occupation:  Housewife
I got married to a wonderful man, Mark Bean, on 11/18/95.  I have a beautiful son who was born on 5/15/96.  His name is Luke Bryan Bean.  I hope that I will soon hear from all of you.  I miss you all a lot.  Please keep in touch.

Lori Hartman Lawson, 3209 Swallow Pointe, New Braunfels, TX 78130
e-mail address:
Phone number: 830-632-5522
Married my husband Sam on Jan. 1, 2004 in Las Vegas. After graduating from SWT we moved to New Braunfels. On June 14, 2007 we had our daughter Ella Loring. She is growing entirely too fast. I have been blessed to be able to be a stay at home mommy. If any one is every in the area for Schlitterbahn or to go toobing, give me a call, I can tell you all of the great places to go!
Updated: 7/3/08

Summer Hass Papania, 2500 Old Farm Road #325, Houston TX 77063
e-mail address:
Phone number: 832-298-5423
Occupation:  Middle School Basketball/Soccer Coach-Houston I.S.D.
Single & living/working in Houston.

Thomas Allen Hayslette, 1411 Spurlock Road , Nederland , TX 77627
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-718-5400
Occupation: Internet Sales Manager , JK Chevrolet
I am now working at JK Chevrolet as a internet sales manager and now my time off consists of duck hunting, fishing, and going to the lake with my choc lab 'Scout". Still single and livin it up. Glad to see everyone is doing so well. Cannot wait to see everyone at the reunion.

Jason Hinds, 9202 Desirable Drive, LaPorte, TX 77571
e-mail address:
Phone number: 281-930-1449
Senior Consultant with Microsoft Corporation
I am married to Amy Vannett (6/26/99), and we have two children: Ross Allen (8/26/00) and Raegn Marie (12/17/01).

Tim L. Hinson
e-mail address:
Phone number: 281-993-1014
Occupation: Television Producer - NASA, Financial Advisor - Primerica
Married to Jamie Lyda, live in Friendswood, Two kids: Ethan and Chelsea!
Updated: 3/19/07

Chet Hoffman
e-mail address:
Occupation: Electrician
I married Mandy Hantz from Bridge City on June 30, 2001. We have two wonderful children Brendon and Mattie, 3 years old and 10 months old. E-mail me. I'd love to hear from you.

Christi R. Hollier, 3428 Cove View Blvd. #804, Galveston, TX 77554
e-mail address: CHRISTI1400@CS.COM 
Occupation:  I am working in a bookkeeping office doing clerical work.

Marcie Hooks McClellan, 21311 Bottletree Ln. #203, Newhall, CA 91321
e-mail address: 
Phone number: 512-374-9600
Occupation:  Student/manager
I moved to California and married Montel McClellan, Jr. and I now have a 10 year old stepdaughter named Natasha. Feel free to email me and keep in touch.

Rocky G. Howe, 6316 Washington, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address:
Phone number:  409-962-5880
Occupation:  Pipefitter/Student 

Stacy R. Hulin,  5445 Preston Oaks Rd. #817 Dallas, TX 75254
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-729-8022
Occupation:  Director of Nursing for an outpatient surgery center in Dallas.
I'm not married and I don't have any kids. I have a beautiful niece named Cayden and her Aunt Stacy spoils her very much!
Updated: 2/13/07

Gregg Iwasko, Groves, TX 77619
Occupation: I work for Jefferson County
I am married to high school sweetheart, Mondy Crochet

Ed H. Jeter, 505 Harvey 17, College Station, TX 77840-3480
e-mail address:
Phone number: 979-764-6041
Occupation: Masters student
I served a two-year mission in Brazil and graduated from Texas A&M with a BS in electrical engineering. I am currently in a masters program at A&M in electrical engineering of MRI systems. I plan to get a Ph.D. and then go to medical school.

Aaron T. Johnson, 241 Hardy #10, Nederland, TX 77627
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-722-2887
Occupation: Executive Assistant for R&R Marine Fabrication and Drydock

Scott Jones, 336 A Quaker Ave., Philadelphia, NY 13673
e-mail address:
Phone number: 315-642-3398.
Occupation: I have been in the Army now for eight years. I have been stationed in Fort Sill, OK, Schofield Barracks HI, Fort Stewart GA, and now I am currently stationed at Fort Drum, NY. I have participated in Operation Just Cause in Haitai, Operation Enduring Freedom, Afgahanistan, Operation Noble Eagle, Afgahanistan, and almost to Operation Iraqi Freedom in Iraq, but did not make it. I am married and have two children: Jacob Ryan and Samantha Ashlee, and expecting another little boy in July, Nicholas Taylor. I will end my time in the service in Aug. 04 and will return home to Texas where I will live and work in Houston. Hope to hear from some people. Take care and God Bless.

Jamaica Jordan Jenny, 8 Whittier, Dr Friendswood, TX 77546
e-mail address:
Phone number:  409-729-0820
Occupation:  Teacher & Mommy
I have been married for 9 years (as of 2006) to Jason Jenny of Nederland. We have 2 children, a three-year old girl and a one-year old boy who so beautifully completes our family. We moved to this area about 6 years ago and we LOVE it here. I taught 1st grade in the Clear Lake area for 5 years and have recently decided to stay home with my children and help Jason with his business. Life is sweet over here, I hope yours is just as wonderful!
Updated: 10/9/06

Jake Kersey, 2716 Delta Drive, Groves, TX  77642
e-mail address: 
Phone number: 409-962-5575
Occupation:  Part-time student and work full-time for Flowserve, Flow Control Division
Currently, pursuing a BBA specializing in marketing when I'm not at work. Married Rebecca (Jenkins) Kersey in June of '98 and just trying to enjoy and appreciate every minute of life. 

Andrew B. Kimble, 2749 86th Street, Port Arthur, TX 77640
Occupation:  General Manager at local cleaners.
I recently moved back from Houston. It's great to see everyone is doing so well.

Alyson R. Kirchner, 12820 Greenwood Forest #415, Houston TX 77066
e-mail address:
Occupation: Marketing Program Manager / ARAMARK Campus Services
I just recently moved from Nederland to Houston with a new job with ARAMARK.  I work in Campus Services, maintaining 9 college accounts in
Texas and Louisiana marketing their food service programs. 

Aaron M. Koonce, 6030 Jackson, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address: 
Phone number: 409-962-1771
Occupation:  Student/part-time job
I am finishing up school and dating Heather Beaugh.

Rachel Lackey, 5050 Ambassador Way #220, Houston, TX 77056
e-mail address: 
Phone number: 409-724-6979 
Occupation: Paralegal

Amanda Landry Byrd, 1012 Verna Dr., Nederland, TX 77627
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-794-3676
Occupation:  Office Manager for Pat A. Riley Funeral Home in Nederland
Married Eddie Byrd (class of 1994) on 7/10/99, our daughter Madison Nicole was born on 3/9/01 and we are expecting our 2nd daughter at the end of August.

Emily Landry Nicholson
e-mail address:
Occupation: Event Planner
Graduated with B.S. in Communication from Lamar in May 1999. Have been with Walt Disney World in Orlando since graduation, happy newlywed (10/12/02) and will be relocating to NYC in a few weeks (9/5/03). Look forward to seeing everyone summer after next at the reunion!

Wallace (Trey) Landry, 1034 West Drive, Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-722-6307
Occupation: Working at Air Products
Married Barbara DeWitt (class of '96) March 2000 and we had our first child, Reid Allen, and he was born on September 13, 2002.

Jake J. Lefort, 3144 Marionwood , Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address: 
Phone number:  409-727-2580
Occupation:  I am currently in my 4th year at PNG high teaching and coaching.
Married to Jamie Felix, have three sons, Jacob (9/12/95) and Joseph (6/23/99), and Joshua Lefort 18 months old

Cherilyn Lewis, Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address:
Occupation: Computer aided drafting student
I am considering on moving to Mississippi.

Jamie Lyda Hinson
e-mail address:
Phone number:  832-687-6970
Occupation:  Occupational Therapy Student
I graduated from LU May '99 with a Psych degree and will finish my Master of Occupational Therapy degree from TWU Houston in December '01. I married Tim Hinson 6/2/01 and we currently live in Houston.

Holly Machann-West, PO Box 1553, Kyle, TX 78640
e-mail address:
Occupation: Human Resources Administration
I married Mike West in March 2002 and have a beautiful daughter, Taylor Marie (2/9/1995) and precious son, Austin Michael (6-2-99). Myself and my husband currently own and run a private ambulance service in San Antonio, Southwest Metrocare. If you are ever in the area, it would be great to hear from ya'll!!

Jamie Mades, Colorado Springs, CO
e-mail address:
Occupation: Officer, USAF
Updated: 3/20/06

Kelly Martin White
Occupation: Mom
Married Jason White in June 1999; graduated from Lamar-Beaumont with Bachelor's degree in Nursing May 2000. Worked in cardiovascular ICU at St.
Elizabeth hospital until our son, Colby, was born 10/17/02. He is such a blessing.

Nadia Matar Cowart, 3316 Ave A, Nederland, TX 77627
mail address:
Phone number: 409-726-8051
Occupation: Promotions Director for Cumulus Broadcasting Q 94.1, Magic 102.5, KD 101
I am married to Shane Cowart and we have no kids because I don’t think the world could handle another Nadia….Hope everyone is doing well…

Amber M. McClelland
e-mail address: 
Occupation:  Human Resource Manager-Transit Mix
Graduated from Lamar with BBA, August 1999. Currently working in Beaumont for Transit Mix. 

Bryan E. McEachern, P.O. Box 669, 1005 S. Redwood Street, Kountze, TX 77625
e-mail address:
Phone number:  409-626-2191 work 409-246-3200
Occupation:  Attorney
I graduated from Lamar University-Beaumont in 1999 and I also received a law degree from Thurgood Marshall School of Law in Houston in 2003. I currently have a general law practice in Kountze, Hardin County, Texas. I married Jennifer Carter of Vidor in July, 2001.
Updated: 10/4/06

Tobi M. McKinley, Fayetteville, NC 28304
e-mail address: 
Occupation:  Musician

Angie Meaux Broussard, 10131 Sagemill, Houston, TX 77089
e-mail address:
Phone number:  281-484-7344
Infusion Nurse
Married Mark Broussard. We have two children, Hailey 6 and Hayden 4.

Emmy Melancon, 5301 Craig St., Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-962-4755
Occupation:   Outside Sales
Just got engaged to Brandon Cropper ('95) and we plan to get married in April 2005. Hope everyone is doing great!

Joni Melancon Hargroder, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-543-1461
Occupation:  Process Operator at Citgo LCMC in Lake Charles, LA.
I am married to Rusty Hargroder, going on 11 years now. We have two girls, Kennedy who is 10 (12/96) and Cameron who is 7 (2/00). I've been an operator at Citgo for about four years now and Rusty is a superintendent for Atlantic Scaffolding @ Exxon Mobil Refinery in Beaumont.
Updated: 3/19/07

Tiffany L. Meyer, 2244 9th Street, Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address: 
Occupation:  Nail tech
I am working at Polished Image (724-0092). Planning to attend LUPA for physicians assistant. I am single with no kids, and living it up. I would like to hear from the gang-- keep in touch.

Jared Miguez, 4534 Bellaire, Groves, TX 77619
Phone number: 409-960-6606
I graduated from San Jacinto College in 1997 with an AAS in Operations. I then went to Roco Rescue Specialists and was trained in high angle rescue and repel and to the A&M Fire Academy. Married to Britni Falcon in 1998 and have 2 beautiful children, Tanner Brantley Miguez (born 2/98) and Chloe Dender Miguez (born 12/01). I work for Motiva Enterprises as a safety manager and fire rescue specialist. Who would have ever thought, me teaching someone to be safe? Ha ha ha. Hope everyone is doing OK, God bless you!

Ranz Mirko, - Bertolt- Brecht- Str. 2, 28816 Stuhr, Germany
e-mail address:
Phone number: 0049.421.2233737
Mobile number: 0049.160.90915254
Occupation: Marketing Mgr. / Red Bull Germany & Hardenberg Wilthen AG

Christina Mondello Page, Phoenix, Arizona
e-mail address:
Occupation: Registered nurse working in a neonatal intensive care unit.
Married to Jason Page (PNG class of 1994) in May 2001. Currently living in Phoenix Arizona while Jason finishes his family practice residency program. I graduated from Lamar University in 1998 in nursing. When Jason Graduates in June 2005 we will be moving to Palestine Texas. We have a beautiful baby boy. His name is Alec Mason Page, born on May 7, 2004. Would like to here from yall.

Jennifer E. Moore, 6675 Jefferson, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-962-7163
Occupation: Elementary Music Teacher at Van Buren Elementary School in Groves. I've got the most fantastic job in the world!

Laura (Beth) Moore Vietor, Beaumont, TX
e-mail address:  
Phone number: 409-835-6000 (wk)
Occupation:  Associate Attorney at Provost Umphrey Law Firm
I married Mike Vietor in March, 2001 and graduated from University of Houston Law Center in May, 2002. I moved back here to the Golden Triangle in August, 2002 to begin working for Provost Umphrey Law Firm. Mike and I have a basset hound puppy, Pete.

Gracie Morehead, 6000 Shephard Mntn. Cove #1819, Austin, TX 78730
e-mail address:
Phone number:  512-345-0033
Occupation:  Assistant Manager for Capstone Real Estate Services.
Currently I'm living in Austin, if anyone is ever in town, give me a call...I would love to catch up on hometown gossip...  

Stephen P. Morse, 241 Hardy Ave apt.15 , Nederland, TX 77627
e-mail address: 
Phone number: 409-729-4665
Occupation:  Plant operator
Have 2 boys, Adam Morse 09-03-97, and Brandon Morse 04-27-99 

Kimberly Mulhall Bean, 911 S 23rd St., Nederland, TX 77627
e-mail address:
Occupation: Owner of Naturalistics, an all-natural home and body product line, graduated Valedictorian of my RMT (Registered Massage Therapist) class and hope to be state board certified by the end of summer
Married to Paul DuCote from Nederland and had a wonderful son - Michael Scott (7-8-96). We divorced but remain amicable and both remarried. I married Jeric Bean (Nederland class of '96) and we have a beautiful daughter, Katelin Lanette (6-27-99). We just bought our second home in Nederland and my hubby works at ChevronTexaco. (Incidentally with my parents).

Stephanie Myer Doiron, Killeen, TX 76543
e-mail address:
Phone number: 254-616-1851
Occupation:  Mother of three
Well, after I graduated I moved to Killeen to be with my boyfriend that I had all through high school, Shawn Doiron from Nederland (graduated 1993). We got married October 28, 1995. August we had our first child, a boy who we named Zarron Malakye Doiron, and then July 30, 1996 we had our second and third children, twin girls who we named Zena Victoria and Zoe` Alexandria Doiron. My husband has reenlisted into the Army where we are stationed at Fort Hood for the second time. He is an Crewman for an M1A1 Armored Tank. Me??? As you have probably already read I am a fulltime mother, but soon plan to go back to work at another Veterinary clinic while I plan to pursue a degree in Vet medicine. I would like to hear from some of you guys. So drop me a line sometime. 

Amy Nash Hull, Longview, TX
e-mail address:
Occupation:  Stay-at-home mom
Graduated from Texas A&M in 1999 and married John Hull, a fellow Aggie.
Worked for the Texas House of Representatives until the birth of our son, Reagan Cordell (12/06/04). I now spend most of my glamorous days chasing a two year old!
Updated: 3/27/07

Charis Nash Moreno, Simi Valley, CA
e-mail address:
Occupation: Manager of Strategic Partnerships with Trulia, the BEST real estate search
Married with two girls (5 yrs. and 9 weeks)
Updated: 3/3/09

Heather Neeb Elms, Nederland, TX 77627
e-mail address:
Phone number:  409-409-729-5912
Occupation:  CommunityBank of Texas, Commercial Lending Assistant
Married Michael (Nederland) August 2000, Graduated from Lamar - BBA Finance(December 2000). We have a son, Micah, born March 2002, and a little girl, Sydnie, born August 2006. Bought a house in Nederland and learning to like black and gold!
Updated: 12/9/07

David Nixson, 316 Ave. C, Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address:
Occupation: Nissan Service Technician-Nissan North America
Hello to everyone, still living in Port Neches. Hope to see y'all at the 10 yr reunion. Now married to my beautiful wife Vicki with 2 beautiful step children. Still hunting and fishing, finally got me a camp on Rayburn. Life is good. Feel free to e-mail me anytime

Mandy Parker Farris, Port Arthur, TX
e-mail address:
Occupation: Office Manager
Graduated from Lamar 8/01 with BBA in Management. Currently office manager.

Shannon Pineda, 2345 Nall #10, Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address: 
Phone number:  409-729-7478
Occupation:  Med/Surg Nurse - Endoscopy Tech

Brandon S. Portie, 2241 Nottingham, Groves, TX 77619
Occupation: Circuit City 

Laura PossArvizo, Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address:
Occupation: Registered Nurse in Pediatrics
I am re-married, have two beautiful boys: Dail -10 & Cameron-8, just enjoying life and my wonderful job. Would love to hear from everyone.
Updated: 6/12/08

Nicole Primeaux Battenfield, Nederland, TX 77627
e-mail address:
Occupation: I am a Registered Nurse for Texas Oncology in Beaumont.
I married Chad Battenfield of Nederland. He is an accountant at Funchess, Mills, and White. We have a beautiful baby girl named Ashtyn Nicole. She was born 1-19-06.
Updated: 4/10/07

Deborah A. Price, 3732 Charles Ave., Groves, TX 77619 
e-mail address: 
Phone number: 409-963-0277
Occupation:  Bakery & Deli Cook, Bruce's Market Basket 

Angela Randazzo Macaluso, 5010 FM 2693 New Waverly, TX 77358
e-mail address:
Occupation: Hairstylist (8yrs)/ Currently: Stay at home mom
I became a hairstylist in 96' where I worked at Nails Etc. in Groves for 8 yrs. I married Michael Macaluso from Bridge City in May 03. We now have lived in the Huntsville/ New Waverly area for 2 yrs. We have a beautiful son Hagen Reese born on 9/9/03, and we are now expecting a daughter the end of July 05. Hope everyone is doing great.....See you at the reunion!

Jace R. Recio, 3626 Keystone Ave #3 Los Angeles, CA 90034
e-mail address:
Phone number: 512-474-6243
Occupation: Market research / musician

Amber Reeves Barrow, 2804 Gary Ave., Nederland, TX 77627
e-mail address: 
Phone number: 409-721-6445
Occupation:  Pharm. sales rep
Married; one child

Brett M. Reeves, Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-727-8812
Occupation: Agency Owner/Avis Rent-A-Car & Loan Officer (Home loans)
I got married to Jodi Acord (class of '96) on 11/10/01 and have a beautiful step-daughter; Taylor Nicole (7). We had our first child on 3/30/03; Abby Gayle-she looks like me in pink. I recenty acquired my own Avis Rent-A-Car business at the Southeast Texas Regional Airport. I also am a licensed mortgage loan officer-new purchase,refinance,home quity loans. We just bought our second house in port neches and are just raising kids and paying bills. I hope everyone is doing well and look forward to hearing from anyone. P.S. If you need to rent a car or buy a house, I'm your man.......
Updated: 3/21/06

James Reeves, address: whereever the Air Force sends us!
e-mail addres:
Occupation: United States Air Force
I married my high school sweetheart, Robyn Berry, 6/13/98. We have two precious kiddos, Ashton James 5/12/04 and Kylee Lynn, 4/22/08.
Updated: 9/11/08

Michael R. Reeves, 3816 Lincoln, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address: 
Occupation:  Bio-Medical Technician
I graduated from Lamar University with a A.A.S. Degree in Computer Maintenance and a Certificate in Electronics. I am currently employed with St. Mary Hospital. I married Kara Guidry in August of 99

Clint M. Resendez, 4958 Bellaire, Groves, TX 77169 
e-mail address: 
Phone number: 281-759-7483
Occupation: Personal/Corporate Financial Advisor
I graduated Lamar-BMT in May of 2000 then moved to Houston to work for American Express Financial Advisors. I am running and continuing to build my own personal/corporate financial advising practice. I hope all are doing well and give me a call if you make it to West Houston.

Laurie Rice Williams, 5360 Lexington Circle, Lumberton TX 77657
: e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-755-6630
Occupation: at home mom
I married my wonderful husband Jeff Williams (Lumberton) and have a 6 yr old daughter, Abbigayle and boy/girl twins, Emmaleigh and Seth, now 3 months old. Recently became an at-home mom, but worked as an accountant representative for CenterPoint Energy.

Joshua A. Richard, Groves, TX 77619
Phone number: 409-960-6868
Occupation:  Environmental Field Services
Married Tonya Crenshaw (graduate '94), we have 1 daughter Kaytlyn 2/17/97, and one on the way. I am employed at Earth Analytical Sciences (field sampling, & lab analysis) 

Chris C. Richey, 2735 Marilyn Lane, Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address:
Phone number:  409-724-6523
Occupation:  Student  

Ryan P. Ritchey, 10103 Dawn Brook Drive Pearland, TX 77584
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-962-7365
Occupation: Occupation:Radiation Therapist. I work at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.
Trying to enjoy the finer things in life. I've settled down quite a bit, trying to prioritize my life. Doing well.

Jaime Robicheaux Walker, 5840 Baird, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address: 
Phone number:  409-962-0364
Occupation:  Homemaker and student
I am married to a U.S. Marine stationed on Camp Pendleton.  We have one daughter, Marleigh Rae, born 6/7/98.  I am studying surgical technology at Glendale Career College in Oceanside. 
Occupation:  Mommy
Getting divorced; two daughters: Marleigh Rae, 6/7/98 and Shaelin Teresa, due 9/8/00.

Scott A. Ryan, 648 Birchwood, Port Neches 77651
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-724-0688
Occupation: Assistant Principal @ Port Neches Middle School.
I married April Wright, Ned class of 95. We have two kids, Thomas Scott 5 and Nancy Ann 3. I am now working in the same office where I once got swats, they are much better to give than to receive. I am also enjoying a part time job as the youth minister at United Methodist Temple in Port Arthur. If anyone is looking for a church in town, come and see our new sanctuary.
Updated: 12/13/07

Amanda Salusbury Rumsey 253 Hampton Lane, Beaumont, TX 77707
Phone #: 409-554-4053Email address:
Occupation:  I am currently working for Conns Corp. Office as a Supervisor. 
I married a wonderful man Mike Rumsey from Beaumont.  We have three children wonderful Will (02/19/06) Raelee (09/11/97) and Gavin (06/10/05).  We are enjoying our children and life.  Drop me a line sometime I would love to hear from you!!

Ruben Sauceda, 16096 Sunview Ln., Conroe, TX77302
Phone number: 409-466-6785 (cell)
e-mail address:
Occupation: I work in Houston for an IT company Jetxp
Married Leeann Talbert class of '95 Kelly High School. I i have a stepson Travis who is fixing to be 9 and just had a new baby boy on Feb.21,2005 his name is Ethan Jacob Sauceda.

Kim Schram, 2525 Augusta Dr. #1133, Houston, TX 77057
e-mail address:
Phone number: 832-265-6319
Occupation: I am a Dental Hygienist living and working in the Galleria area.

Brad Seay, San Marcos, TX 78666
e-mail address: 
Occupation:  Student/Waiter/Tube Rentals
I'm about to get my degree in Physics from Southwest Texas State and I'm getting married to Maggie Minter in August 2001. What's up to Ryan Ritchey Fool!!!

Brandy (Rene') Self Dinscore
e-mail address:
Occupation:  Mother/Student
I am back in Port Neches, divorced, and expecting my third child. I hope everyone is doing great.

Bradley Ray Schamber, 8518 Fathom Cir. 128, Austin TX 78750
e- mail address:
Occupation: Fraud Analyst -Texas Dept. Public Safety-Headquarters
I live with my girlfriend, Maggie. I also have a side project with the Austin Music Foundation, which assists local bands with business and legal advice.

Shannon Smith Gawith, 663 Canterbury Dr. #153B, Myrtle Beach, SC 29579
e-mail address:
Phone number:843-347-9274
Occupation:Ortho/Cast tech for a large orthopedic practice
I've been married since March 2000 to the most wonderful man ever-Justin Gawith. May ,1 2004, we had our first child-a daughter named Piper. We
couldn't be happier and we're just enjoying life. Hope to see everyone at the reunion and feel free to e-mail me.

John Soenning, 19100 Glenwest Dr #1313, Friendswood, TX 77546
e-mail address: 
Phone number: 281-480-8316
Occupation:  Chemical engineer for BP (formerly British Petroleum)
Graduated from Lamar University with a degree in chemical engineering, May 2000. While in school, I co-oped two terms in Freeport, TX, and two terms in Plaquemine, LA, for Dow Chemical.

Jamie L. Somerville, 7575 Gosling Rd #616, The Woodlands, TX 77382
e-mail address:
Phone number: 936-271-1681
Occupation: High School Teacher
I graduated from Texas A&M with a BA in History. Married Kris Wilson (95 Ned grad) 11/23/2002. I am currently teaching World Geography at Tomball High School and am the Assistant Cheerleading Coach. I can’t wait to see everyone at the reunion.

Tammy Stroud Meaux, 2709 Delta, Port Arthur, TX 77642
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-344-1875
Occupation: I currently work at a staffing company and am in marketing.
I have 3 kids, Taryn 6, Austyn 5 and Abbygail 3.
Updated: 2/12/07

Kay Lani Sturrock, 2217 Ivan Street #622, Dallas, TX 75201
e-mail address: 
Occupation: Internet Sales/Support Manager

Candace Swain Sessions, 2624 Fondren Rd., Denton, TX 76210
e-mail address:
Phone number: 940-323-0240
Occupation: Gymnastics Coach
After graduating, I married Casey Sessions Ned. '92 in 1996. We moved to Denton just 36 miles north of Dallas for my husband to pursue a career in law enforcement. He now works for the Coppell Police department. We have two cute kids, Sweetie and Tessa, our lovable mutts. We just built our first home here in Denton and we are loving it! Hope everybody is doing GREAT!!! God Bless you!

Rachel Thibodeaux Dale, 230 Briggs, Beaumont, TX 77707
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-835-3598
Occupation:  Pre-k teacher at Southerland Head Start
In July 2000 I will be moving to Baytown. 

Chris Tompkins, 6674 Hansen Groves, TX 77619
E-mail address:
Phone number 409-963-1563
Occupation: Pharmaceutical sales
Married to Kara Wolfford (Bridge City class of 95') and we have a handsome little boy Cade Christopher, born on March 17, 2006.
Updated: 2/22/07

Angela Thornton Harper 1405 South Ave Port Neches, TX 77651
Phone number 409-721-5110
Occupation: Third Grade Teacher
I am now in my fifth year of teaching at Sam Houston Elementary in Port Arthur. I got my masters in Library Science from Sam Houston State University in May '03 and recently got married on July 26, 2003 to James Harper from Port Arthur. I hope each of you is doing well! God bless each of you!

Kimberly Tomplait Coker, 3545 Taft, Groves, TX 77619
Occupation:  Student at Lamar Beaumont
Dec. 99 graduate at Lamar Beaumont with a degree in Criminal Justice.  Currently interning at Child Protective Services in Port Arthur.  Married a great guy, Craig, 8/14/99.  Bought a house in Groves :)  No kids yet.  Would love to hear from you!!!  

Adam Tyler, 315 N. 35th Street, Nederland, TX  77627
e-mail address:
Occupation: I have been working for Hunstman in Port Neches for 6 years as a Pipeline Measurement Tech
I graduated from Lamar with a degree in Instrumentation in '98.  I married my wife Jennifer in Nov. 98.  We have 3 wonderful kids - Alec (4-3-00), Jenna (11-5-01) and Nathan (1-24-06). Feel free to email.
Updated: 3/20/06  

Terry Valka, 270 Beechcreek Wood, Livingston, TX
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-767-3751
Occupation: Police officer and EMT in East Texas
Worked for Pt Arthur PD for 1 yr and left there to get another job in Livingston. I am a police officer in East Texas and an EMT for Americare EMS. I am married to Sabrina DeFord who is from Livingston, Tx. I have 2 kids, Madisyn Paige (4) and Landon Tyler (1).
Updated: 3/22/07

Amy Vannett Hinds, 9202 Desirable Drive, LaPorte, TX 77571
e-mail address:
Phone number: 281-930-1449
Occupation:  Stay-at-home mom
I am married to Jason Hinds (6-26-99) and we have 2 wonderful children, Ross Allen (8-26-00) and Raegan Marie (12-17-01). We will be relocating to Washington D.C. for 4 months, and Jason will be working at NASA Headquarters . I hope to see everyone at the reunion!

Kerri Viles Hurlbut
e-mail address:
O ccupation: Currently looking...
Hi everyone! I have been living in Houston for the past 6 years. Last year (2003) I married my wonderful husband, Jason Hurlbut (Ned class of 94). We hope to start a family sometime soon. I just graduated from the University of Houston-Clear Lake with a bachelor's in management and marketing. I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion! Please feel free to email me, I'd love to hear from you!

Kristi Voight Louvier, 3158 Dogwood, Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address:  KLOUVIER@5POINTCU.ORG
Phone number:  409-727-6089
Occupation:  FSR Receptionist
I am married to Chris Louvier (Bridge City) and we have two daughters: Maylin Alise (5) and Morgan Ryann (2). We also have two dogs: Fallon and Keaton. I work at Fivepoint C.U. in Port Arthur. E-mail me anytime...I would love to hear from you.
Updated: 9/18/06

Kristopher K. Wadenpfuhl, Oklahoma City, OK
e-mail address: 
Occupation: U.S. Air Force (AWACS Aircrew Instructor)
Married to Brook Crochet on 03/08/97, One child, a boy, Koren Kristopher 01/07/99 and are expecting our second child due in March 2003. I'm majoring in Professional Aeronautics at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and will graduate in 2003.

Jenny Walls Royer, 10715 Redwood Drive, Baytown, TX
e-mail address:
Occupation teacher
Married to Cody Royer (12/00) We have two great kids Chloe (4/03) and Reagan (11/04). We moved to Baytown, where I teach 4th grade at DeZavala Elementary.
Updated: 1/17/07

Brandi Walsh Ellison, Orange, TX
e-mail address:
Occupation:  Pharmacy Tech at Harrington's Pharmacy in Bridge City
I live with my husband of almost 10 years, Eric Ellison. We have 2 daughters: Ashlyn Erica (12/31/1996) and Kaitlyn Morgan (06/16/1999).

Dori Watts Kirby, 12 W. Elizabeth Street , Delmar, Maryland 21875
e-mail address:
Phone number: 410-896-4205
Occupation: Medical secretary
I moved to Delmar, Maryland, in July, 2001, and married a wonderful man, Jason Kirby. We have two handsome boys Sammy, 7/11/96 and Jacob, 10/24/03. I work in the Radiation/Oncology unit at Peninsula Regional Medical Center in Salisbury, Maryland. Glad to see everyone is doing so well!

Joey Watts, 607 S. 8th Street Nederland , TX 77627
e-mail address: 
Phone number: 409-729-8328 & Cell is 409-658-9467.
Occupation is Correctional Officer for The Federal Bureau Of Prisons.
I was married in May of 98 to Ginger Sattler of Nederland ( Class of 95 ). We have two children William Ray "Taylor" Watts 12-17-00 and Ashley Rene Watts 10-18-02. All I do is hunt, fish, and work. Ginger is a stay at home Mom. I like that way! Feel free to call or E-mail. See ya'll around town.

Brent B. Weatherford, 408 Kirkwood, Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-721-9274
Occupation:  Chevron Operator
I am no longer married , and have three daughters: Jade, Rian, and Reese.
Updated: 8/14/08

Aaron M. Welch,  814 Runners Ridge, Pflugerville, TX 78660
e-mail address: 
Occupation:  Business Owner
It's almost been 10 years. WOW! I've been in Austin for about 4 years, and I love it. I own several business in internet advertising, product sales, real estate, and investments. I travel all the time and do as much charity work as I can. I hope everyone is having the same great fortune I am.

Bradley (BJ) Williams, 673 Ridgewood Dr. PN, TX 77651
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-460-0262
Occupation: RN in ER.
We are living in Santa Cruz, California right now. Cindy Semple and I were married in April '01 and have been travel nursing for over 2 years. My passion for surfing has attracted me to the west coast. When I am not working I am surfing. We will be settling in Santa Cruz for a year or so. No kids, no pets, we travel too much.

Kelly G. Williams, PO Box 4061, Austin, TX 78765
e-mail address:
Phone number: 512-296-8209
Occupation: Film Program Director - Austin Film Festival

Kendal G. Williams, 6773 Washington, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address:
Phone number:  409-728-6977
Occupation:  Maintenance Coordinator for INVISTA in Orange
I recently married Vicki Phillips ('98 Kelly High School)

Karen Woodson Mitchell, Spring, TX 77388
e-mail address:
Occupation: English teacher
I graduated from Texas A&M with a B.S. degree in Psychology and minor in English. I then graduated from Lamar with a Masters of Education degree in Counseling and Development. I married Blake Mitchell (West Brook c/o 1992) on July 20, 2002, in St. Thomas, USVI. We now live in Spring,TX, where I currently teach 9th and 11th grade English at Klein Oak High School.

Charlie B. Yeary, 721 Cherokee, Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address: 
Phone number: 409-727-1451-1602
Occupation:  Sales consultant
Anyone looking for a great deal on a new or pre-owned vehicle, come see me at Philpott-Ford and Toyota.  To see the most beautiful little 2-year old girl in the whole world!  (Alexis Starr Yeary) 
Occupation:  Sales-Consultant (Philpott Ford, Toyota, & Pre-owned.)
I have a 2year old (Alexis Starr Yeary) and my next child is due in December!