President Greg Hendon
Vice President Kristi Bourg
Secretary Aspen Philpott
Treasurer Jennifer Redman
Reporter Shea Broussard

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Lori Allen Whitehead, 617 Egret, Nacogdoches, TX 75964
e-mail address: 
Phone number:
Pharmacy Computer Administrator/Assistant Privacy Officer
I married Scott Whitehead (from Silsbee) in August 1999. I have a beautiful daughter named Brittany (12/21/96) and a son Jake Alan (12/07/03). I am a Certified Pharmacy Technician and work for Brookshire Brothers Corporate office in Lufkin.

Samantha Almany
Phone: (979)324-2044
e-mail address:
Occupation: vet student
I will graduate from TAMU in May 2004 with my DVM, and I graduated from SFASU in 1999 with a BS. My entire family has relocated to Nacogdoches, so I haven't been back home in awhile! I hope to be living near whoever will employ me next year.

Martin W. Alston, 644 Birchwood, Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address:
Phone number:  409-724-6700
Occupation:  Beach bum
I recently "retired" from the U.S. Air Force and will hopefully be working for Southwest Airlines.  I sit around the house and drink, then go somewhere else to drink; and who said the military can't teach you anything.

Alex Anderson, Amsterdam
Phone number: 5-82-652-11901
Occupation:  Moved to the Netherlands the summer after graduation and haven't been back since--I have tons of awesome friends and I own my own seed shop here in Amsterdam--also,  I am a regular column writer for High Times---yep, I do believe this is the life-- I highly recommend visiting here---look me up if you ever make it here (but I warn you- you may not want to leave)--I have no rugrats to worry about and these European women are awesome! is sweet! I'm never gonna leave this place---P.S. my name was not Alex Anderson in school--I had to change it because (well, that's a long story) anyways you'll have fun guessing who I NORML!--peace!

Jamie Anselmo, 802 Cherokee, Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address:
Phone number:  409-722-9173
Occupation:  6th grade Language Arts Teacher
I graduated from Lamar University in December, 1997.  I am currently working on my masters in Counseling and Development.  I am also teaching at Groves Middle School.   On November 20, 1999, I am getting married to Darrell Evans.  We plan on living in Beaumont. 

Martin W. Alston
e-mail address: 
Phone number: 409-722-2683
Occupation:  Aircraft mechanic
I did four years in the Air Force after school and now I currently work at NASA in Clear Lake as a jet mechanic. I'm just glad I'm out of New Mexico I was stationed at. 

Susan Balentine Walker, 3468 County Road 45, Highlandale Plantation, Schlater, MS 38952
e-mail address:
I am Married to Leland Walker an Executive Chef for Viking Range Corporation, married in 2001. I have changed my career and I am now in School to receive my Nursing degree. I am expecting our first child in September 2004.

Jon Barnett, Port Neches, TX 77651 
Occupation:  I got 3 letters for you .... D.P.S.... yea baby!!
I married Jennifer Comeaux ('96). and have 2 girls: Madison (6/20/96) and Marlee (3/30/98)

Jana Baskin Courmier, 864 Ridgewood Dr., Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address:
Phone number:  409-729-2921
Occupation:  Compliance and Privacy Officer
I am currently the Compliance and Privacy Officer for both Mid-Jefferson Hospital and Park Place Medical Center, where I've worked for nine years now, and I am looking forward to the opening of our new hospital in 2005 "The Medical Center of Southeast Texas" located on Hwy 69. I married Chuck Courmier on March 1, 2003, and we live in Port Neches with our crazy dog, Daisy, a lemon-spot beagle.

Lisa N. Beaumont, P.O. Box 5364, Santa Monica, CA 90409
e-mail address:
Phone number:  310-399-6097
I graduated from Texas A&M, moved to Los Angeles in 2000 and still reside in Venice, CA. I am managing a band from Argentina called Los Pinguos. Hope everyone is well! See you in 2009! Or do we have a 15-year reunion?
Updated: 10/21/08

Jason D. Bedair, 3600 Graves, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-962-4333
Occupation: Student Nurse 

Natasha A. Belle-Isle, Bedford, TX
e-mail address:
Phone number: 469-569-7683
Occupation:  Internet Sales manager for a car dealership.
I have two kids....Benjamin (born June 2002) and Laila (born Dec. 2003). Please contact me and let me know ho you all are doing...I would love to hear fro you.

Doug Bland, Orange, TX
e-mail address: 
Occupation:  Bank Teller
Got married to my "lobster," Mandy Oswalt , May 10th, 2003 and honeymooned well! And, yes, that was a "Friends" ref. We are currently living in Orange and working on our house. After being "cured" of wanting to make a living in retail mgt, I am now working on my MBA in finance. Yay! More school... I am still playing bass and as of Christmas Day, thanks to my sweet baby, the banjo is making space in our lives as well as in our neighbors' lives. No complaints. I hope everyone is doing well and hopefully I will be able to afford the 20 years' reunion fees and so forth.

Denise Borel Rotsch
Occupation:  Pharmaceutical Sales
I graduated from Towson University (Maryland) in 1997, where I received a BS in Mass Communications.  Shortly thereafter, on August 22, 1998, I married Paul Rotsch.   We currently live in Austin, where he is attending graduate school.  Nope, no kids (for now), just a cat.

Jaelyn Bottoms Pellegrin. Groves, TX 66519
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-960-6696
Occupation: Stay-at-home
Married the love of my life Heath Pellegrin in May '98. We have two wonderful children, Mikaylie born 1/16/01 and Kaden 8/24/06. We just moved to Groves and I am now a stay at home Mom and love every minute of it! I just recently went back to school and will graduate soon and hope to begin teaching after Kaden is in Kindergarten. Sorry we missed everyone at the reunion, but hopefully we'll catch the next one. Hope everyone is doing well and God bless!
Updated 12/12/06

Kristi Bourg Mire
e-mail address:
Occupation: Administrative Assistant to CFO
I graduated from Lamar with an Associate Degree in Office Administration in May,1998 and a Bachelor Degree in General Studies in August, 2001. I married Glen Mire (TJ Class of '87) in July,1999. I work at ENGlobal Engineering in Beaumont. Our daughter, Emily, was born January 6, 2005, and our son, Parker, was born September 8, 2008.
Updated: 11/10/08

Clay Bourgeois, Marshall, TX 75670
e-mail address:
Occupation:  Well, if you know who I am, you probably already know what I'm like.   I graduate this May (99) and am getting married in June.  I guess that's about it.

Jason G. Braquet, PSC 1 Box 982, APO, AE 09009
e-mail address:
Occupation: US Air Force: Stationed in Germany
I joined the Air Force on May 24, 1995, and was stationed at F.E. Warren A.F.B. in Cheyenne, Wyoming, for 2 years. So far I have been to Saudi Arabia, Balize, Germany, and now I am currently in Bosnia for a four-month tour. I will be returning to Germany at the end of August. I have a brother named Ashley who is also in the Air Force and he is stationed in Anchorage, Alaska. My father is also in the military. He is currently serving as Command Sergeant Major for the 450th Chemical Batalion in Houston. I also have a sister which as just about all of you know is a DJ on the morning show on 106.1 "Bree Kennedy". 

Courtney Brau Wickler, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-962-7655
Occupation:  Clerical
I know that when the people in my class read this, they will know I did not graduate from PNG. But I went there until September of 1994. So I figured I would go ahead and put my info in here. I have finally graduated from school (5-01) I just need a real job in Process Operations. I have a wonderful husband, Troy Wickler. We have a son, Alec Gage (12-30-94.) 

Kristi M. Broussard, 2816 Beldon Drive, Port Arthur, TX 77642
e-mail address: 
Phone number: 409-963-3141
Occupation:  Medical Receptionist
I have been employed at Southeast Texas OB/GYN now for 3 years. 

Sarah E. Brenner, 6960 Salida Ln., Beaumont, TX 77708
e-mail address:
Occupation:  Paralegal/MIS Student
I am currently working as a paralegal at a Beaumont law firm where I have been employed since 1995.  I am attending Lamar-Beaumont and will graduate May 2000 with a B.S. in Management Information Systems. I am getting married in the Bahamas in March, 2000.

Kristi M. Broussard, 2816 Beldon Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77642
e-mail address: 
Phone number: 409-963-3141
Occupation:  Medical Secretary
I am employed at Southeast TX ob/gyn associates for the past 2 1/2 years. I am planning a spring 2001 wedding to my high school sweetheart Corey Smith (Orangefield, 1995). He'll graduate from U of H in May 2000 (finally)! 

Shea D. Broussard, 2424 Monterey Blvd., Oakland, CA 94611
e-mail address: 
Phone number: 510-531-9361
Occupation:   Student
Love and smiles from California to all the old school crew! Yep, you know who you are! 

Daniel Bryan, Manvel, TX 77578
e-mail address:
Phone Number 281-692-1826
Occupation: Customer Service Analyst
I have been married my wonderful wife, Samatha, since April 6, 2002. Our first son was born on March 24, 2004. I am currently working for Shell Oil Company, where I have been providing Technical Support for since April 1997. I graduated in September 1996, with an Associates degree in Electronic Engineering Technology from ITT Technical Institute. I am currently taking online classes from Devry Online, where I am working on a Bachelors in Technical Management.

Eddie Byrd, 7970 South Dr., Beaumont, TX 77705
e-mail address:
Occupation:  Dispatcher 
I married Amanda Landry (class of 1995) on 7/10/1999, our daughter Madison Nicole was born 3/9/01. We are living in Fannett, and I work in Cameron, Louisiana. We would love to hear from you!

Michelle Carlsen Fontenot, 522 John Drive, Lake Charles, LA 70605 
e-mail address:
Phone number:  337-562-0356
Well, life is great down here in Cajun Country!  I teach seventh grade Life Science at SJ Welsh Middle School.  In November of 1997 I married Jason Fontenot.  He works in a Quality Control Lab at one of the local plants.  We have two beautiful daughters, Ashlynn Marie (3/22/01) and Brelynn Mae (11/15/04).  We also have two dogs named Gus and Tucker.  My husband and I have decided to salvage what sanity we have left, so there will be no more children or dogs entering the Fontenot household.  I missed the 2004 reunion and I would love to hear from you all.  God Bless everyone!

Matt D. Champagne, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address:
Phone number:  409-962-7293
Occupation:  Accountant--Lamar State College PA
Have been with Lamar almost 2 years now...future owner of Tamale Co. in Beaumont.(come check us out in like a couple of months)

Collin D. Cobb, St. Mary's University Charles Francis Hall 214, San Antonio, TX 78228
e-mail address: 
Phone number: 210-436-3694
Occupation:  Law Student
I graduated from Texas A&M in May 1999 with a B.A. in Journalism. I'm currently attending St. Mary's University School of Law. E-mail me sometime. 

Jennifer Collins Boe, Dayton, OH
e-mail address:
Phone number: 325-225-6924
Occupation: Professional Student
Updated: 11/12/08

Stephanie Collins Brownstein, 3322 Ave H Nederland, TX 77627
e-mail address:
I graduated with a degree in Elementary Education and am working for Dell Inc. Great company. I married Josh Brownstein from Houston in 2001. We currently live in Austin and my husband owns a title company.

Darla K. Comstock
e-mail address:
Phone number: 281-989-3748
Occupation:  Teacher
I have been teaching for six years now and I am currently living in The Woodlands. I am looking to move back to Port Neches at the end
of the school year and have a change in careers.

Tammy Corley Benavidez; Vineland, New Jersey
e-mail address:
Occupation: Sales Manager
I have been living in Southern New Jersey since 1999. Got married to Hector Benavidez (originally from Argentina) in March 2002 and our son Matthew Alexander blessed our household in May 2004. We are currently working on our new home being built and hopefully we will have a new addition to our family by next year. I wish everyone the best!
Updated 02/27/07

Garrett Craver, 407 6th St., Nederland, TX 77627
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-729-5110
Occupation: Clinical Supervisor@ Spindletop MHMR
Graduated from Lamar w/ B.S. Psychology, got married in 2000 and moved to St. Louis (it sure was cold up there) for a year so my wife Misty, could finish her LMSW. Should graduate w/ my Masters in Counseling & Development in May 2004. Been working at Spindletop MHMR for about 3 years. 1st baby is one the way in May or June 2004, Holden Kyle. Give me a holler.

Tonya Crenshaw Richard, 3429 Canal, Groves, TX 77619
Phone number: 409-960-6868
Occupation:  Receptionist/Insurance Clerk
Married in 1996 to Joshua Richard (class of '95), we have 1 daughter Kaytlyn 2/17/97 and one on the way. I work for Dr. Singla @ Physicians Eye Center.

Erin Criswell Taylor, 160 Cheltenham Lumberton, TX 77657
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-755-3859
Occupation:  Teacher/Coach
I am teaching PE and coaching girls and boys varsity tennis at Lumberton High School. I married Sonny Taylor on 7/15/00 and we have a beautiful daughter named Macy Samantha Taylor born on 2/4/3. We recently built a house in Lumberton.

Chris Dailey, 5104 44th St., Lubbock, TX 79414
e-mail address:
Phone number: 806-785-2772
Occupation:  Systems Analyst and Designer
I am working as a Systems Analyst and Designer for a Lubbock-based supermaket chain doing primarily web and software design and managing all critical computer systems and wireless networks in the corporation.

Crystal Davis Lueth, Alvarado, TX 76009
e-mail address:
Phone number:  817-790-5852
Occupation:  System Administrator for an International Fabric Company in Grand Prarie, Texas.
Married Josh Lueth in October, 1995.  We had a beautiful baby girl on 12/29/98 named Madison Claire and we have one huge spoiled boxer named Xena.

Josh Davis, 6632 Sherwood Lane, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-962-0106
Occupation: Accounts Payable, Goldstar EMS
Graduated from Lamar Institute of Technology in December 1998. Got married on 4-22-00 to Tanya Blanchette, no kids yet.

Lori Degeyter Pritchett, PO Box 1656 Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-728-6496
Occupation Insurance Agent
I have been employed by Allstate Insurance Co. for eight years. I am married to Rick Pritchett. I have a beautiful step-daughter (Alisa) and two dogs (Rayden and Katana)

Dale Dillon
Occupation: I'm djing (what a surprise) and work for Re/max doing real estate odds and ins. Also, in school to get my degree in communications. I'm also a part-time songwriter with my 1st demo going to some major artist and other songwriters. I have two girls, Kaitlyn (5) and MaKenna (4). Due to marry Karrie Peacock, grad 95 from West Brook, in June 2005 and we are getting ready to buy a house. Feel free to drop a line @ 622 Drawhorn
Port Neches, TX 77651.

Aaron J. Domingue,  800 Basse #514, San Antonio, TX 78212
Phone number: (210) 785-2899
Occupation: Ad Sales Exec
Graduating from college in December. Just got an apartment!

April Dore' Musgrove, 7206 Garden Field Ln., Richmond, TX 77469
e-mail address:
Phone number:  281-265-0510
Occupation:  Radiation Therapist at MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX
Married Scott Musgrove on 12/2/00. Scott and I recently bought a house in Richmond, TX. I had a baby boy named Mason on May 1,2004

Kristie N. Doyle, 6701 39th St., Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address: KRISTIEND76@AOL.COM 
Phone number: 409-962-3478
Occupation:  Physician's Asst.
I have been working at Southeast Texas OB/BYN Assoc. for 3 years.  I am not married yet but having a blast being single.

Jason N. Eaton, 2833 Windsor Ln., Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address:
Occupation: Accountant
Graduated with a BBA in Accounting from LU in December 1998. Will graduate in August 2001 with MBA. Working as an accountant at Wathen, DeShong & Juncker CPAs in Beaumont.

Bryan Farquhar, Austin, TX
e-mail address: 
Occupation:  Graphic Design/Webpage Design 
Phone number: 512-707-2080

Cheryl Felps
e-mail address:
Occupation:  Technical Recruiter
Currently working for a recruiting firm in Houston.  Graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Political Science in May '98.

Casey L. Ford, 810 N. LBJ #2, San Marcos, TX 78666
e-mail address:
Phone number: 512-353-0627
Occupation: Student (still), substitute teacher--Hays CISS
I'm single again and still trying to finish a Bachelor's degree. I know you're impressed. I changed back to music, and though it's hard to be in
school and live a decent life, I am excited about the future. I didn't sing for a really long time, so I've had to train hard, but next May (05) I'll
finally finish, then I'll be auditioning for opera companies around the country! Exciting! If that doesn't work out right away, then I'll tackle
grad school for a master's in performance. I'm living proof of two things: poo happens, but dreams come true! My best to everyone and your families.
Looking forward to 2004 reunion.

Lew O. Ford, Dallas, TX
e-mail address:
Occupation: Professional Athlete
Moved up to play for the Twins this week. Have a wife, Corri, and two good boys; Jacob 3/20/99, and Jordan 9/12/2000. Always nice to hear from or run into old friends.

Aryica Foreman Tobin, 2730 Oak Tree Drive #2701, Carrollton, TX 75006
e-mail address:
Phone number:  972-395-4995
Occupation:  Sales Assistant at CSI (a promotional advertising agency)
I graduated from Baylor University in May '98 with a business degree.  I have a double major in management and entrepreneurship.  I  moved up to Dallas first of June. Married Gene Tobin of Highland Park, Dallas, September 20, 2003

Brian M. Fountain, 146 Waverly Pl. #B, New York, NY 10014
e-mail address:
Phone number: 646-263-8098
Occupation: Graphic Designer/Actor/Writer/Improviser
Hanging out here in NYC. Doing my thing. Performing at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre > <. I do long-form improv
and the occasional sketch show or musical. I hope you are doing well.

Kimberly Gale Perkins, 910 Montgomery, Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address:
Phone number:  409-727-5836
Occupation:  Married 11-24-01 to Jonathan Perkins, raising a son who is driving me insane!! Adam MacKenzie, born 02-18-02.

Jeremy S. Gallas, #2021 3209 S.IH-35, Austin, TX 78741
e-mail address: 
Phone number: 512-441-4234 
Occupation:  Professional wrestler

Sammy Gore, Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address: "
Occupation:  Student/musician
I am currently on the decade plan at Lamar University.  I am studying to be a music educator.  I am also playing with a jazz combo called Blue Progression.  We are playing local shows all the time so come see us.  Also, if you need a jazz band for any occasion, send us e-mail.  If you have any questions, please consult your local library.  Thank you.

Jan Graham-Osman 5050 Ambassador Way #220, Houston, TX 77056
Occupation: I am a registered Radiologic and Mammography Technologist. I am also a clinical instructor for Advanced Health Education Center in Houston, TX.
I am married to Sam Osman, C.P.A., and we own a home in Uptown Park

Aarin Grantham Chatagnier, Lumberton, TX
e-mail address:
Occupation: Graduated from Lamar with a BAAS. Currently working at the Lamar University - Development Office as a Development Coordinator.
I am married to Jeremy Chatagnier and have two beautiful children. I have been living in Lumberton, TX since graduation.
Updated: 2/1/08

Charlotte Guidry Rucker, 2919 Heritage Colony Drive, Webster, TX 77598
e-mail address:
Phone number: 281-338-0966
Occupation:  Teacher
I am happily married to Michael Rucker, from Mesquite. Michael is an Account Specialist at Fastenal Co. and I am a 5th grade teacher in Pearland I.S.D. We recently bought our first home and are loving every minute of married life.

Drek M. Guidry, 545 McCormick, Shreveport, LA 71104
e-mail address:
Phone number: 318-459-6202
Occupation: District Sales Manager – GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals
Graduated From Lamar University in 99. Married Jill Bauknight in November, 2002. Two beautiful children / Vicki Elizabeth – Born 01/27/04 and Wilson Louis – Born 9/22/05.
Updated: 5/4/06

Tammy Guillory Melancon, 6680 Verde, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address: IBDAM4@AOL.COM 
Phone  number: 409-963-1967
Occupation:  Housewife
I  married Jeff Melancon (Class of '92) on April 19, 1986.  We have two little girls, Britni Nicole born on 12/1/96 and Alexis Marie born on my birthday 8/13/00.  My husband works for his mom and dad's A/C and heating business, Thermal Air Systems, so if your A/C goes out, call us.

Jay Hanssen
e-mail address:
Phone number:  512-339-1003
I graduated from Rice, May 98.  Now I'm a physics grad student at UT Austin.

Kevin Harrington, 6739 Howe St., Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address:
Occupation: Senior Airman in the US Air Force stationed at Lacken Heath Air Force Base in England

Amanda Harris Metts, 3166 Williamsburg Ln. Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address:
Occupation: CFO/Owner AmeriClear Pool & Spa
Married Corey Metts (Ned. c/o '94) in August 2000. We have a beautiful daughter (6/30/05) and one on the way (due April 2008). My husband started a swimming pool service business in 1999, and we opened a retail store in 2003. I stay pretty busy running the businesses and chasing after our very active 2 year old.
Updated: 9/18/07

Reagan Hawkins, 3155 Greenwillow, Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-727-1145
Occupation: Speech, Debate Teacher - Nederland High School
After receiving my BS in Radio-Television-Film from the University of Texas - Austin, I worked for a while in television. First at KXAN in Austin; then at KBTV in Beaumont. Why did I move back to the area? I fell in love with a beauty from Nederland (Kim Cessac '96). We were married in October of 2000. The BIG addition to my life happened on Sept. 9, 2002. Isabelle Renee Hawkins was born and the international community gasped as a new winner was declared for the title "Cutest Baby Girl in the World". We live happily with our two cats in Port Neches.

Greg Hendon, 5260 Willow Bend, Lumberton, TX 77657
e-mail address:
Occupation: Pharmacuetical Rep for Daiichi-Sankyo
I was married to my lovely wife, Amanda Jacobs, in August 1999. I graduated from Lamar University's College of Fine Arts is Visual Design in 2001. Since then I've been doing everything from wedding photography and freelance graphics works to selling drugs. (the legal kind, of course) I have three totally terrific kids who are Jacob, Grace, and Ethan. Please be sure to update your info on this site ........ the next class reunion will sneak up on us before you know it. Thanks!!
Updated: 8/24/06

Jayme Herford Musgrove, 881 Baker Ave, Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address:
Phone: 409-721-5436
Pharmaceutical Representative for Pfizer
I married Mike Musgrove (Class of 93) in August of 1994. We have two children Dillon, 8-95 and Macie, 4-00.
Updated: 5/29/07

Shane T. Hernandez, Galveston , TX 77551
e-mail address: 
Phone number: 409-740-6995
Occupation:   physical therapy student: graduate Feb. 2000
Unfortunately, I did not graduate from PNG but hear me out. Groves is where I spent my entire childhood and where I would have liked to stay but my dad, in order to climb the corporate ladder, wanted us to move on. I will never forget the school spirit for PNG that I felt and others displayed even when I was young. I attended three different high schools (California, Pennsylvania, and El Paso TX) and I can honestly say that PNG had by far the greatest school spirit and community support. I support and continue to support the efforts of the Indians (I was sorry to witness the loss of the football team in the state finals but proud of their effort) and I remember, like it was yesterday, the times I spent with many of you. 

Steven W. Higginbotham, 3713 William Dehaes, #2103, Irving, TX 75038
e-mail address:
Phone number:  972-257-8369
Occupation:  Medical Student

Casey A. Hollomon, Wimberly, TX
e-mail address:
Phone number: 512-636-8028
Occupation: Assistant principal at Wimberley HS.
My wife, Andrea, teaches math in Hays CISD, and have 3 children: Khale (6/97), Cooper (7/05), and Addison (6/08).
Updated: 6/17/12

Jill Humphrey Klinkhammer, 6440 Monroe, Groves, TX 77619
Phone number: 409-963-0415
e-mail address:
Occupation: Surgical Technician
I graduated in May 1999 with my AD in Surgical Technology, married my husband, Bryan, in December 1999, graduated with my BS in Communication in December 2002 and had my first child, Ethan, in February 2004.

Maygon Jackson Brack, 5485 Westmeadow Lane, Lumberton, TX 77657
e-mail address:
Phone Number: 409-227-4179
Occupation - Homemaker
I have a wonderful husband, Jason Brack, from Nederland. We got married in November 2003. Our son, Conner Austin Brack, was born 4-7-05 and he is the center of our life. I am pregnant again with our second son, Caden James Brack, and due May 14, 2008. I love my family very much and I love being able to stay at home with Conner. I can't wait until our new addition is here! I hope everyone is doing well. Keep in touch!
Updated: 1/31/08

Ben Jeffery, 1270 Arbuckle Drive Frisco, TX 75034
Phone number: 214-705-9877
Director of Business Development - Experience Ventures, LLC.
Graduated from A&M in 1998. Married Stephanie Craig in March '03.
Updated: 9/19/06

Sarah Jeter Ragan
e-mail address:
Phone number: 925-932-6068
1998 Texas A&M Graduate. Current stay at home mom of 4 in East Bay (California). Husband, Michael, an investment banker in San Francisco.

Lacy Jones, Rt. 1 Box 1694, Woodville, TX 75979
e-mail address:
Phone number:  281-422-0731
Occupation: Teaching school and still racing my motorcycle.

Robert B. Jones 
e-mail address: 
Occupation:  Industrial Electrician
I am married to Tara and have two sons Brandon (3 years old) and Austin (8 months) old and a baby on the way.  We now live in Nederland

Kimberly Kerr Philen, Bridge City, TX 77611
e- mail address:
Occupation: Support Service Research Investigator for FivePoint Credit Union, Port Arthur, TX
1/2006: Married for the second and last time to Michael Philen of Bridge CIty on 11/5/05 despite Hurricane Rita, just lost our honeymoon cruise. Bought a wonderful house in Bridge City 11/15/05 and still loving my job at Texas State Bank. Raising my daughter Kerrah Chyanne of 4 years now and preparing the house for another baby hopefully next year sometime. Looking forward to our trip this year to Germany, Italy & Europe. Just enjoying life to it's fullest!!!!!! Hope to hear from you all soon!!! Best wishes!!!!
Updated: 12/11/06

Lindsay Knox Baronoskie , 2519 Plantation Springs, Richmond, TX 77469
e-mail address:
Phone number: 281-341-1325
Occupation: Graduated from University of Texas in 1998
Worked in pharmaceutical sales until 6 months ago when I gave birth to beautiful twin girls, Mallory and Lauren (7-6-04)

Christi LaLonde VonBerg, 5625 Baird St., Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address:
Occupation: Homemaker
Just recently moved back from Victoria, Tx.c where my husband, John VonBerg, worked for a R.R. company. We have 2 boys named Layton and Brendan. We got married in May of 96. Attended San Jacinto Jr. college on a Volleyball scholarship, then went to Lamar, (but yet to finish a degree).

Emmitt D. Landry, 803 South 3rd Street, Nederland, TX 77627
e-mail address:
Phone number:  409-721-9445
Occupation:  Correctional Officer
I am currently working for the Federal Bureau of Prisons. I got married on 11/28/02 to Suzanne Pujol (from Nerderland class of 94). We bought a house in Nerderland (please don't kill me. I still bleed purple and white. Just ask my wife.) We have no kids as of yet but maybe in a year or two. For now, just our dog to spoil. Hope everyone is doing well. Hope I see you all at the 10 year...

Rosalie (Rosie) Lane Smith, 5312 La Viva Lane , Arlington,TX 76017
e-mail address:
Phone number: 817-468-0079
Well, we have moved but have at least stayed in Texas this time. We have been in Arlington since Oct of 2003. As I said before, I married Chris Smith (of Fort Worth, TX) on 7-17-95. We have a son named Bailey who was born 8-18-97. My husband is a Finance Manager at a large Honda Dealership. I am Accounting Clerk for a Mexican Food Distributor. I do miss home from time to time, and it hurts not to have Purple N' White as our school colors. Well I hope everyone is doing well. Take care.

Robert (Bobby) Lawton, 17302 CanyonKnoll Drive, Houston, TX 77095
e-mail address:
Phone number: 281-859-8249
Occupation: Construction Supervisor--FirstTexasHomes
Celeste and I, both TAMU graduates, were married in 2003.

Ryan E. LeBlanc 
e-mail address:
Phone number: 937-367-3417
Spent four years in the Marine Corps. Moved to College Station were I work for Cox Cable. Just seeing if anyone is out there.

Jessie LeMaire, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address: 
Phone number: 409-963-3064
Occupation:  I'm a security officer at Clark refinery
Well, I'm not married yet and everything is going pretty good. I'm finally out of the Navy. I was a operations specialist and saw many beautiful places.  I was stationed in Daytona, Flordia and took pt in Chicago, was cold..... but I'm here again in Texas and making it. Hope to see everyone again at the next reunion

Nick L. Leone
e-mail address: 
Occupation:Industrial Inspector
I miss high school. I miss not having to work, not having to pay bills, and not having to work and pay bills. I also miss all the beautiful girls I used to hook up with in high wasn't me, that was someone else!

Chris W. Maddox
e-mail address:
Phone number:  469-867-8226 (cell)
Occupation:  Working at The Breakers Beach Resort in West Palm Beach, FL. No significant other. I haven't decided what state I want to make my perm
home. This is my second time in FL, but I think I might try CA b4 it's over.

Roy Madigan, 20475 Hwy 46 W, Suite 260, Spring Branch, TX 78070
e-mail address:
Phone: 210-269-5818
Occupation: Veterinarian
Well, guys, after paying for the new addition to Aggie stadium "The Zone", I finally graduated from Texas A&M! I now practice as a veterinarian in my hospital just north of San Antonio. I have 2.5 kids and drive a gigantic SUV. Just kidding, but I do have a great 2 year old daughter named Zoey who heads up the harem of animals at my house. I hope ya'll are successful and enjoying your lives!

Amber Martin Graham, 8655 Jones Road # 227, Houston, TX
e-mail address: 
Occupation: Product Development and Marketing
We are now living in Houston where I am working for a Candle and Home Fragrance Company in new product development and marketing.

Kerrie Martin Lightfoot, 16826 Frigate, Friendswood, TX 77546
e-mail address: 
Phone number: 281-648-4802
Occupation:  Stay-at-home mom
Graduated from LUPA in '96 with a business degree. Married Michael in Feb. of '97 and now living in Friendswood. Michael works at Rice University and I stay at home with our two boys, Jacob, born on 10-10-00 and Aaron born on 7-30-02.

Dean B. Mayfield, 3545 Cleveland, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address: 
Occupation:  Locomotive Engineer for Kansas City Southern Railway in Beaumont, TX
I am married to Laura Poss and we have a son Dail Brent who was born on Feb. 4, 1998 and another one on the way due Jan. 5, 2000. Would like to hear from everyone.

Andrea Miller, 2121 El Paseo #1711, Houston, TX 77054
e-mail address:
Occupation:  RN
I graduated from UTMB-Galveston, May '98, have been working at MD Anderson since then.   Keep in touch!  

Bryan C. Mitchell, 19100 Glenwest Dr. #211, Friendswood, TX 77546
e-mail address: 
Phone number: 281-990-9608
Occupation:  Student in Law School
I graduated from Lamar in 1998 with a B.B.A. in general business. I got married to Holly Reichard from Orangefield in 1999, and I am currently attending South Texas College of Law. I expect to graduate in 2002.

Joseph (Joe) Morrell, PO Box 684, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-962-3915
Occupation: Owner of Glass Medic and a student of LIT in Beaumont for Process Operator. Will graduate Fall 2004.
I married Maria Orta on September 14, 2002. We have three children: Storm 7, Brittany 5, and Chandler 2

Carter Morris, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-962-4959
Occupation: Sales Rep 
Upon graduating I attended Lamar.  While there I meet my lovely wife Chris.  We were married in August 1998.  We have two lovely boys, Patrick (12/25/98, yea don't do the math) and Logan (8/13/03).  I graduated Lamar in December of 1999 with a B.B.A in Finance and been living in Groves for almost 5 years.  I currently am working for a welding supply place in Bridge City as a sales man.

Kristen  D. Necastro, 2733 Hughann, Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address: 
Phone number: 409-722-5747
Occupation:  Teacher
I am teaching fourth grade and learning a lot. I am dating a wonderful guy who plays for Tracy Byrd and we've been together for 2 1/2 years.

Kendra O'Quinn, Houston, TX
e-mail address:
Phone number:  409-963-1326
Occupation:  I am working for a law firm downtown.

Cullen Oubre, 2439 Pintail Loop, College Station, TX 77845
e-mail address:
Occupation: Sixth grade Teacher
My wife Cherie (PNG class of '95) and I have been living in College Station since 1999 while she finishes her Ph.D. in Microbiology. I'm teaching 6th grade Social Studies in a 2A district north of B/CS for 3 years now. No kids just yet. Hope everyone is doing great!

Jason Page
e- mail address:
Occupation: General Practitioner
Personal: Graduated TAMU in '98 with a BS in Genetics. Graduated medical school in '02. Now living in Phoenix doing a residency in family medicine. Happily married to Christina Mondello in 2001. We had a son in May of 2004. We are doing well and I wish the same for everyone else!

John D. Palermo, Houston, TX 
Phone number: 713-780-5422
Occupation:  C.S.T. for Southwestern Bell
I've been a phone guy for two years now and I'm still in the Texas Air National Guard. I've got two years of college left which, working ten hours a day, translates into 36 years of night classes at U of H. You're all invited to my graduation/retirement party. Married to my job but no kids. 

Marc Pinney
E-mail address:
Occupation: Law ClerkI married and am having a blast. I have 2 girls. Iam in the middle of law school at the U of H. I still live in Port Neches, but not too much longer. See ya soon....

Aspen Philpott Hebert, 1810 Llano, Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address:
Occupation: Stay home mom
I graduated from Texas A&M in May 1998 with a bachelor degree in finance and worked at a bank in Dallas for 2 years. Heath and I got married in 1999 and moved back to the area in 2000. We had a beautiful baby girl, Channing Bailey, in January 2002, and I have been staying home with her ever since.

Brandi Pinner Miller, 6075 Crockett St. Lumberton, TX 77657
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-751-5230
Occupation: Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
I married Duane Miller in 1996 while finishing my BBA in Marketing in 1999. I followed in my dad's footsteps to pharmaceuticals and I am enjoying it. Duane and I moved to Lumberton in 2000 and currently have no children. I look forward to seeing everyone at our 10 year reunion- boy are we getting old!!!!

Jamie Pippin, 6560 Verde Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-962-5377
I am married with two children Tyler (9/4/00) and Joshua (1/15/02)

Julie Pratt Latiolais
e-mail address:
Phone number:  409-962-2009
Occupation:  PNG High School Math Teacher
Married to Chris Latiolais (c/o 88). I have 2 children: Malorie Broussard (c/o 2015) and Carson Layne (c/o 2020) and a stepson, Cade Latiolais (c/o 2020).
Updated: 2/28/18

Shannon Pratt Ingle, 200 E. Brazoswood #2004, Clute, TX 77531
e-mail address: 
Phone number: 409-265-4998

Crystal Ray Broussard, 17 N. Summer Star, The Woodlands, TX 77380
Phone number:  281-296-8698
Occupation: Family Medicine Resident
I graduated from UT-Houston Medical School in June 2002. I am currently a resident at the Conroe Family Practice Residency Program. I live in The Woodlands with my husband Lance.

Jennifer Redman
e-mail address: 
Occupation:  Information Systems Analyst
I graduated from Texas A&M in May 1998, and am currently living and working in The Woodlands. I am engaged to Thad Stein, and will be married in the Spring of 2000.

Erin W. Resch, 17438 Saddle Creek, New Caney, TX 77357
e-mail address:
Phone number:  832-527-0279
Occupation:  I am the Head Boys basketball coach at Huffman High School (just outside of Houston)
I’ve been married going on 5 years. Still no kids. Please contact me, so we can catch up. It’s been awhile since I’ve talked with some of you.
Updated: 12/19/06

Brandon Resendez, 12810 Big Spring Trail, Humble, TX 77346
e-mail address: Resendeb@wyeth .com
Phone number: 281-852-5869
Occupation: Pharmaceutical Representative
I am working for Wyeth Pharmaceuticals as a drug rep. I am working in the Houston Medical Center. I was finally transferred out of the Beaumont area and I am enjoying life in the BIG city. I am married (4-15-00) to Kristi Taylor of Nederland and we are in no rush for kids. Just living the high life.

Charlene Rich Carter,1408 W Sholars Ave. , Orange, TX 77630
e-mail address:
Phone number:  409-460-0067
Occupation:  Accounts Payable Cler, Parker Lumber
I married a wonderful man named Donald Carter.  We have been together for 4 years.

Paul E. Rotsch, Austin, TX
Occupation:  United States Naval Officer, future pilot.
I graduated from the US Naval Academy with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering (5/98), and am currently attending the University of Texas at Austin as a graduate student.  I am happily married to Denise Borel (8/22/98) and we have one annoying cat.

Julia Self Monarch, Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address: 
Occupation: Mother, wife, student, Technician for LSC Computer Services.
Currently enrolled at LSC @ Port Arthur And working toward that elusive 2 year degree plan! This is my fifth year as the Mrs. Eric Monarch. We have two boys Ian (1-10-95) and Cole (1-22-96) who both seem to have aspired to be taller than me before they start kindergarten. Between Occupations Eric and I relieve stress at his brother's paintball field in Winnie (VERY therapeutic!). Well I hope to see ya'll around and How 'Bout Those Indians!!! Good Luck in the playoffs! See ya at the Dome......

Natalie Sexton Gassen, 6406 Windy Way Lane, Pearland, TX 77584
e-mail address:
Phone number:  281-412-3499
Occupation:  Accountant for Deliotte & Touche LLP in Houston

Juliee Simon Sparks, The Woodlands, TX
e-mail address:
Occupation:  CPA
I married Scott Sparks (Class of '91) on June 17, 2000, and we now live in The Woodlands. I graduated from Baylor with a bachelor's and masters degree in accounting. I am now working in Houston for a CPA firm.

Tawny Smith Webb, 1214 Washington St. Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address:
Occupation:  Elementary Teacher
I have been a Kindergarten teacher at Sam Houston Elementary for 5 years now. I married a wonderful man, Robert Webb, who has served his country as a Sgt. in the US Army for 11 years.

Troy A. Smith, Houston, TX 
e-mail address: 
Phone number: 409-962-4718
Occupation:  Engineer

Carl Snyder, 3928 Swanee, Lake Charles, LA 70607
e-mail address:
Phone number: 337-480-6508
Occupation: NBC operations tech

Everett Sweeney, PO Box 31, Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address:
Phone number:  409-722-0969
Occupation:  Information Systems
I have a daughter, Jessica Michelle, 3/16/99.

Jeff W. Talley, 2401 Lofton Dr., Pt. Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address: jae419@aol.comm 
Occupation:  Full- time Appliance Installer and Part- time student.
Hi everyone, I still live in Pt. Neches and I am going to school for Cisqo Systems Troubleshooting and working at Conn's full time. I married Amy Rachal in April of 1997 and have one daughter, Elizabeth Annette Talley. She was doomed from the start weighing 10 lb. and 2 oz. I guess she won't be dancing like her mother, more like dunking or spiking a ball. Take care.

Michael T. Tentrup, 1304 Lee, Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address:
Phone number:  409-724-6413
Occupation:  Field services supervisor
Graduated LUPA in 1996 and started working at Earth Analytical Sciences, a local environmental laboratory. I got married in March, 1999.

John Erick Thomson, 6439 Plaza, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address:
Occupation:  Liscensed Physical Therapist Assistant. Employed by TIRR Rehabilitation Centers- Midcounty
2 sons- Jakob Tyler (12/3/97) and Jonah Alexander (11/2/01), 1 daughter Kassady Lena (1/23/03)

Erin Vance Hendricks, 5945 Navajo Trail, Beaumont, TX 77708
e-mail address:
Occupation:  Soon to be student/working at Dillard's
I have been happily married since January, 1997, to Josh Hendricks.  We have just bought our first home in Beaumont where we live with his six-year old daughter, Ashlie, and our daughter, Sydney Rebecca, born 12/23/97.  

Amber Varnado Griffith, 4613 Norman Trail, Austin TX 78749
e-mail address:
Phone number: 512-292-6468
Occupation: RN
Living and loving it in Austin, working hard, have a great husband, Michael Griffith, two spoiled dogs, and a new house, no kids. Email or write me! Take care, maybe see you soon.

Toby J. Wahl, Tyler, TX 
e-mail address: 
Occupation:  Department of Veterans Affairs/Student
I didn't really graduate but would have with you people. I have a wife, some kids, a dog. I go to school @ TJC and UT @ Tyler then when I get really tired I go to work. I work for the Gubment. Contact me at your own risk.

Kimberly D. Ward, 7100 Alameda Apt. 126, Houston, TX 77054
e-mail address:
Phone number:  713-795-4549
Occupation:  Student at Baylor
I am a first-year medical student at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston.  I graduated from Texas A&M with a degree in biomedical science in May '98.

Amber J. Watkins, 906 Allen Street #1513, Dallas, TX 75204
e- mail address:
Phone: 214-515-0854
Occupation: Interior Designer
I am still living and working in Dallas for an architectural firm. I design airport terminals and almost anything that relates to the airline industry. I also spent some time living in London to work for my firm- such a wonderful experience. I still keep in touch with a few of you guys, but don't get back to the area, since my parents moved to Fredericksburg. Hope everyone is well.

Paul W. Williams, 2020 Reserve Court, Flower Mound, TX 75028
e-mail address: 
Phone number: 972-539-4048
Occupation:  Pilot American Airlines
Wife: Cindy Daughter: Heather 3 1/2; Son: Wesley 2

Kevin Wofford, 4606 Kandywood Dr. , Port Arthur, TX 77642
e-mail address:
Occupation: Senior Inspector at Total Petrochemicals, Port Arthur
Married 11/99 Tasha Conde (TJ c/o 94') . I have one beautiful daughter (Abby 3 years old) and another on the way (early Feb.).
Updated: 1/14/07

Derek T. Wolf, 2309 7th Street, Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address:
Phone number:  409-727-3222
Occupation:  Operator at Mobil Chemical
Married Feb of 1998 and have the world's most beautiful daughter (Abigaelle) born Jan 16, 2003!!!!   Son Jaxon born 12/27/2005.  Just in time for tax break!! lol...All is well ...still here in port neches...drop a line would love to here from ya'll....
Updated: 3/9/06

Tara Wolfe Cannon, 4549 Lawndale, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address: CANNONBUNCH7@AOL.COM
Occupation: Registered Nurse
I graduated from Lamar University in May 1997 with a degree in nursing. I am currently working between St. Mary's Hospital and Park Place Hospital, specializing in labor and delivery and newborn nursery for the past 7 years. I married John Cannon from Nederland in July, 2000, and we live in Groves. I have three beautiful children: Hailey (9 yrs. old) - How old do you feel now?, Jarod (5 yrs. old), and Chloe (3 yrs. old).

Juli Wolfe Thoresen, 17717 Vail #628 Dallas 75287
e-mail address: 
Occupation: Teacher/youth director 
I'm teaching 4th grade at a small Christian school in Dallas...learning the ropes of being single again... using my free summers to travel... soaking up all the the local music I can... wondering where all the time has gone... blessings y'all!

Mark Woodward, 16826 Bethan Glen Lane, Houston, TX 77084
e-mail address:
Occupation: Civil Engineer
Married to Antonette Puzon (PNG Class '96) - played on tennis team together, no kids - just 2 dogs for now.

Jeff L. Young, 750 Connecticut, Bridge City, TX 77611
e-mail address:
Phone number:  409-697-1851
Occupation:  Aviation Supply Supervisor
I got married to Michele Martin (Bridge City) in Dec. of 1996. We lived in North Carolina for about 2 years where I was in the Marine Corps. While there our daughter Kristen was born in June of 97. We are back in Texas and bought a house in Bridge City. I am currently finishing my degree as a Process Operator. 

Loretta Young Dukes, 4809 Grant, Groves, TX
e-mail address:
: 6th Grade Teacher at Franklin Elementary
I graduated Lamar University in December 2005 with my degree in Education/Special Ed. I am remarried and have three daughters Magan Elise (8/14/95) is from my first marriage, with  Kensey Ann (8/4/00) and Kaylin Ruth (1/16/06) from my current marriage.
Updated: 9/5/06