President Shelly Miller
Vice President Shana Berry
Secretary Amy Ponder
Treasurer Shanna Boudreaux
Reporter Brooke Tamplin

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If you would like to submit additional information for this graduating class, e-mail bduhon@pngisd.org

Chris J. Adams, Eglin AFB, FL
e-mail address: hookem5555@cox.net
Phone number: 850-682-9968
Occupation: USAF-7 years
Currently residing in Crestview, Florida stationed at Eglin AFB and working as an Airfield Manager

Greg Alexander
e-mail address: Gregdalexander@yahoo.com
Occupation: Internal Auditor for W-H Energy Services.
I graduated from Lamar University with a BBA in Finance and Management Information Systems. I married Heather Sample (Class of ’96) in June of 2002. We are currently living in Cypress, TX and I am working for an oilfield services company in Houston.
Updated: 7/11/06

Shawn Arredondo, Spring, TX
e-mail address: cody.arredondo@mustangeng.com
Occupation: Oil & Gas
Happily married in Spring, Texas.
Updated: 12/3/12

Ashley Arrington Gantt, Lakeland, GA (Moody AFB)
e-mail address: missyadot@hotmail.com
Occupation: Stay-at-home Mom and Independent Contractor for West Telecommunications
I am married to David Gantt from Alabama. Have a wonderful 10 month old: Hunter James (12/04/07)
We are currently stationed at Moody AFB for the next few months. Then we will be moving to Montgomery, AL to Maxwell AFB or to Eglin AFB in Florida, wherever the Air Force decides to move us.
Updated: 10/26/08

Carrie Baker, Port Arthur, TX 77642
e-mail address:  SmileyC@webtv.net
Occupation:  Student
Sorry I never kept in touch.  I moved to Dallas after graduation and loved it there.   I am back in town for a year or two so hopefully I will see one of you guys soon. 

Terry Banken, 18015 Green Hazel, Houston, TX 77084
e-mail address: terry_banken@oxy.com
Occupation:  Project Manager
I am happily married and living in Houston, working for Occidental Oil and Gas as a project manager. Amy and I had a girl, Adelyn Arlene, on June 10, 2002, and a little boy, Benjamin Terrell II, on March 28, 2005. I hope you are all well.

Shana D. Berry-Buchanan, 4136 Mascarene Road Knoxville, TN 37921
e-mail address: shana.buchanan@gmail.com
Phone number: 865-680-3035 (Cell)
Occupation: I live in Knoxville, TN working as a Small Animal Veterinarian in a private practice. I married a veterinary classmate in 2003 after graduating from TAMU College of Veterinary Medicine in 2001 and completed a Small Animal Internship in Albuquerque, NM 2002. My husband and I plan on moving back to Texas in the future.

Shanna Boudreaux Briggs, 6280 Colton Lane, Beaumont, TX 77706
e-mail address:  shannaboudreaux@hotmail.com 
Occupation:  Stay-at-home mom
Graduate from SFA in 1996 with a BA in Communications/Journalism. I am married to Lee Briggs (PNG-'90) 3/13/04 and we have one daughter, Macy 01/11/06.
Updated: 8/7/07

Veronica Breaux Rice, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address: roni42@hotmail.com 
Phone number: 409-960-7661
Occupation:  Special Items Processor at Community Bank
I married David Rice from California (11/21/94). We had 2 beautiful sons together...Dylan Paul (1/17/95) and Adam David (6/11/97). We are currently going through a divorce so I am trying to raise a 5 and a 2 yr old single handedly. But other than that things are great.. Hope to see you all at the next reunion!!!

Jason P. Brent, 523 Winter oaks, Houston, TX 77079
e-mail address: brent.jason@gmail.com
Phone number: 832-533-0059
Occupation: Employed with BP in Houston
Updated: 9/11/08

Natalie Briggs Ovalle, Groves, TX 77619
e-mai address:  nato5875@yahoo.com
Occupation:  Stay-at-home mom
I am married to Richard Ovalle and have 3 kids:  Randall,  Baylee, and Richard, that keep me very busy.

Brian S. Broussard, 5109 Glen Heather Dr., Flower Mound, TX 75028
e- mail address: bbroussard@trane.com
Occupation: Account Manager -- The Trane Company. Graduated from Texas A&M University, BS Mechanical Engineering.
Married Erin Trahan 07/01

Carrie Broussard Sims, Groves, TX 77619
Occupation:  housewife
Married in 1994 to Michael Sims from Tennessee. have one child, little girl named Taylor, born Oct.31,1996.

Cary C. Brown, 4115 Sleepy Hollow Lane, Port Arthur, Texas 77642
e-mail address: Cary1219@swbell.net
Occupation: Educator at Memorial Ninth Grade Campus. I am entering my third year teaching for PAISD. I just finished my > Master of Education this summer and will be working on Principal
Certification along with a second Master starting in the Fall.
I married Cindy Lee (NHS '94) in May of '99 and we had our daughter, Kathryn, in February '02.

Jennifer Brownlee Johnston, Aggieland, USA
e-mail address: Jen_Brownlee_97@yahoo.com
Homeschooling mom
Well, we are now 3 years into Operation Homeschool, and so far so good. Scooter is now 10, almost 11 and starting 6th grade (eek, I'm not old enough for that!) He'll actually be split between 6th grade and 7th grade, with a couple high school electives thrown in. Sometimes I wish he'd decide to be a kid for once. He'll be doing the weekly ritual on trumpet, french horn, or both starting now. And then there's Boy Scouts. Kyle is 5 and starting 2nd grade. He decided to outsmart Daddy by having me put drum lessons on to his schoolwork list so that Daddy won't say no. His big highlight is the occasional visit from the Tooth Fairy. He cracked us up when he lost his tooth between the time it fell out and bedtime, so he wrote her a letter (with no help). Both boys are starting to learn French. Elizabeth is 3 months old and smiles when we "practice". I'm teaching her to position her arms to hold a flute so that she can be a 3rd generation flute player (since she already has her grandmother's flute). She also smiles when we tell her that it's going to be ok to date drummers (if they can get past her brothers). Her brothers are very protective of her. Jason is doing the real estate thing and we love the flexibility that offers. We are also having a blast with the kids (most of the time). We are all looking forward to football season and the indoctrination that comes with it. It's the boys' favorite time of the year since there is so much to do.
Updated: 8/3/08

Jeremy M. Burk, Beaumont, TX 77708
e-mail address: jmal2k@aol.com 
Phone number: 409-338-8481
Occupation:  Minister
Married for 5 years to Tandy, with 2 boys, Devin (08/23/97) and Dylan (07/14/99).

Jake B. Burnett, Clear Lake, TX
e-mail address: jburnett@ccisd.net
Phone number:  214-495-9952
Occupation:  Teacher/Coach
Hello all. I hope all is doing well and enjoying life differently now that we are turning 30. I am married to Rachel Horlacher class of 92 (older women). We have been living in Clear Lake for three years now. We have a 5 year old boy named Jaden. I coach football and teach at Clear Lake High school. Rachel sells real estate for Space Center Remax here in Clear Lake. Feel free to e-mail me anytime anybody wants to chat or catch up.

Amy Burris Nesom
e-mail address: anesom@yahoo.com
Occupation:  Project Manager, Hewitt Associates
Info:  Hey all... life is great on Lake Conroe... I've been married to Greg since 1997 and we have 2 kids - Cayden & Jaxen.  Keep in touch, God Bless!

Amber L. Byrd, 1301 Custer, Richardson, TX 75040
e-mail address:  amberlynn97@hotmail.com
Occupation:  Second grade teacher

Chad J. Castille, 320 Jackson Hill #311, Houston, TX 77007
e-mail address: ccastille@js-llp.com
Occupation: Attorney, I currently work for the law firm of Johnson, Spalding, Doyle, West and Trent, L.L.P. in Houston, Texas. My practice areas include products liabilty and construction litigation.
I graduated from Texas Tech School of Law in May 2001. I've been given the nickname of "The Texas Hatchet" and hope to overtake Jim Adler "the tough Smart Lawyer" within the next couple of years. !Hope everyone is doing well.

Joleen Cavaretta Weatherly, 3708 Hays, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address: cweatherly@gt.rr.com
Occupation: stay at home mom
Married for eight years to Chris Weatherly and blessed with three beautiful children (step-son, Austin, 10 yrs old / daughter, Kirstyn, 5 yrs old going on 20!! / and son Christian, 3 yrs old) Hope everyone is doing well! God Bless!

Chris P. Cessac,14203 Long River Circle, Sugarland, TX 77478
e-mail address:  shepeng@aol.com 
Phone number:  281-242-6824
Occupation:  Forming and Shoring Product Manager
If you're wondering, my career is in the concrete industry.  I am responsible for a wide variety of construction sites in the areas of Houston, San Antonio South, and Southeast Texas.  My wife (Stephanie) and I were married on 4/25/98.  We had our first child, Madison Michelle Cessac on 3/18/99.  I really hope everyone is doing well and wish you all the best in whatever you choose to do.

Rusty Cheney, 6399 Washington, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address: Rusty_amspec@yahoo.com
Updated: 8/27/07

Karen Choate Collier, 415 Sunny Ln., Bridge City, TX 77611
e-mail address: karencollier75@yahoo.com
Phone number: 409-718-7162
Occupation: Branch Office Administrator
I recently got married on April 19, 2008 to Tad Collier from Bridge City. I am also now a step-mom to his 9-year old daughter, Jordan. I love them both more than I could have ever imagined! Life is great and things have really fallen into place.
I am working for Edward Jones Investments in Port Arthur (for Steve Fleming) and have now been with the company for 6 years
Updated: 6/24/08

Daniel Baun Christensen
e-mail address: daniel_baun_christensen@hotmail.com
Occupation: Strategic Purchaser
In 1996, I decided to move to Denmark (neighbouring country to Sweden). I completed a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Economics from the Aarhus School of Business, and a Master of Science in Business & Economics from Copenhagen Business School in 2001, and actually went to Texas where I completed a semester of MBA as an exchange student. I must admit that my first time around in 1992-1993 was more exiting than the poor level of education at the MBA studies in the USA. Anyway, I have been working for 3 companies as a Management Consultant, Business Analyst, Global Purchaser and lastly as a Strategic Purchaser for the largest telecommunications company in Denmark. No kids, as of yet, however, my girlfriend and I have decided that these will come in due time. No hurries, and for me, no worries. ;o)

Melissa Collida Vidrine
e-mail address:  NVID25@aol.com
Occupation:  Business Assistant, Mid-County Acute Care
Married to Craig Vidrine and have a beautiful son, Nathan, born 11/25/98.  Also have 2 more babies, Molly and Greta, my two very spoiled miniature dachshunds. 

Shawna R. Comeaux, 4920 Bellaire, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address: ImtheSpice@AOL.com 
Phone number: 409-962-8302
Occupation:  Nurse at Memorial Hermman Baptist Beaumont (ICU)
I finally got married this year 4/19/01 to Donnis Hunter. No kids yet, but hopefully in the near future we will.

Allan R. Comstock, 1623 Broadway, Galveston, TX 77550
e-mail address: arcomstock1@earthlink.com arcomstock1@earthlink.net
Phone number: 409-621-1165
Occupation:  Emergency Room Technician
I work at UTMB in Galveston, lots of fun and excitement. Have one son Austin (01/27/95) absolutely perfect. Spent a short time in the Army, not so perfect. Currently applying for Houston Fire Dept. and Houston Police Dept., which ever comes first. Also working on a degree in Business Admin. Hope to see everybody at the reunion.

Alana Cook Adams
e-mail address: dc.alana@gmail.com
Occupation: Senior Technical/Proposal Editor and Freelance Journalist
I currently work for a government contractor in the Washington D.C. area writing and editing proposals for government agencies, major corporate clients and non-profits. I also occasionally write freelance articles for magazines and business journals. I was a reporter for the Port Arthur News from 1999-2000 where I met my soon-to-be ex-spouse who was an editor. I spend most of my time working and with my kids. My son, Quentin, is 10 and was able to skip a grade from 4th to 5th this year and my daughter, Alyssa is six. I like living in the Metro-D.C . area but it can get pretty stressful with the traffic. We all hope to move back to Texas within the next few years. There's just no place like home!
Updated: 5/5/08

Carey C. Cormier, 2801 Bishop's Gate, Bryan, TX 77807
e-mail address: cormierccc@hotmail.com
Phone number: 409-823-6681
Occupation: I graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Anthropology. I will be spending the summer in South America hiking up to the Inca ruins.  I plan to attend graduate school when I return. 

Jarred W. Cowart, Knoxville, TN
e-mail address: jarredcowart@aol.com 
Phone number: 865-637-9298
Occupation:  Structural Engineer
I married my wife, Jami, in 1999. Graduated from the University of Texas in 1997 with a BA in government..  Graduated from the University of Tennessee in 2004 with a BS in civil engineering and will complete my masters in structural engineering in December 2005.  I currently live in Knoxville, TN and work for a consulting firm in Oak Ridge, TN. 

R. Ryan Cowling, 910 Carolina, Bridge City, TX 77611
e-mail address: rcowling@gt.rr.com
Phone number: 409-697-1828
Occupation: Lab Tech @ ITS Caleb Brett
Got married on 3/4/00 to Vikki Burch (from Deweyville). Also coaching my stepson's (Nicholas) little league and Pop Warner teams.

Charles (Troy) Cropper, 5430 Park, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address: ctcz71@aol.com 
Phone number: 409-963-0037
Occupation:  Retired from Corrections. Currently starting my own business, so if any of you would like to save money on your loans, just give me a call or e-mail me.
I am in the process of getting a divorce. I had a beautiful daughter on March 12, 1999. Her name is Tia Lyn, and she is my pride and joy! Other than that, things are fairly normal.

Jay Czaja, 84-927A Hanalei Street Waianae, HI 96792
e-mail address:  czajajay@hotmail.com
Phone number:  808-620-5015
Occupation: Defense Contractor
Well, I completed my second tour of duty of Iraq in 2004 for the company I work for. I was in Ramadi, Iraq in the spring of 2004. I returned to Texas and in October I accepted a transfer within my company to Hawaii. I currently live on the Waianae Coast of the island of Oahu, I bought a house in the town of Makaha and the house is one block from the beach. If anyone is coming to Hawaii please feel free to contact me and I'll tell you the best places to visit on "my island". Drop me an email sometime and if anyone can get in touch with Danielle Olivier (Don't remember her married name) I have some questions about teaching I'd like to ask her.

Julie A. Dearborn (deceased 3/20/98)
On behalf of Julie's parents and siblings, Bunny ('79), Clint ('80), and Tommy ('81), we would like to extend our deepest thanks for the warmth and caring support during our tragic loss.  Julie would have graduated from Texas Women's University 5/99 with a degree in journalism.  She had matured and grown to be such a wonderful and beautiful person.  Our lives will never be the same without her and our hearts will never be whole again.  Bless you all...and keep our sweet JuJu in your prayers. 

Carrie Decker Hughes, 1319 North 15th St., Nederland, TX 77627
e-mail address: dc121695@webtv.net 
Phone number: 409-721-6637
Occupation:  Registered Dental Hygienist
I graduated from Lamar and have been a Dental Hygienist since 1996. Married David Hughes (Nederland Class of `91) in December 1995. We are the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl, Anna Grace, born on October 19, 2000!

JoAnna Dowd Broussard, 813 Bay St N 45, Texas City, TX 77590
e-mail address:  j_mbroussard@yahoo.com
Phone number: 409-729-7623
Occupation: Hurricane Rita convinced my family we had to move. Live by Galveston Bay now. Keeping a closer eye on the Gulf during hurricane season. Still a stay at home mom. Its hard to believe my husband and eye are grandparents. My step daughter presented us with a beautiful baby girl named Madison Lillymae back in July this year. Hope to see everyone this year for our 15th reunion. Hard to believe its been that long.
Updated: 1/8/08

Gary P. Ducote, 3709 Grant, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address: ducote00@hotmail.com 
Phone number: 409-962-2057
Occupation:  Service Manager
My wife and I have been living in Groves for about a year. Soon I will be relocating to somewhere in New Mexico or Texas for work. She will remain in Groves until May 2001 when she finishes college. Time has passed so quickly since graduation. Looking back, I have made many mistakes and hurt many loved ones. To date, I can't say my life has been one large triumph, nor have I found my destiny. I can say that the paths I've chosen have led to some degree of maturity and if its any consolation I now understand to importance of education. As a whole, I'm content with life and eagerly await the day I can look in the mirror and know that I've made the world a better place. Good luck everyone.

Stephine Duhon, 3824 Kinard Rd., Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address: Step879S@aol.com
Phone number: 409-962-4844
Occupation: Homemaker for my loving husband and children.
I married Robert Peltier and we have a beautiful baby boy.

Jonathan A. Endicott, 6248 Adams, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address: jae9749@mailcity.com
Phone nymber: 409-963-0762
Occupation: Microbiologist
Graduated: December, 1997, from Texas A&M University

Toby A. Fails, 1114 Woods Road, Forney, TX 75126
e-mail address: toby.lisa@yahoo.com
Phone number: 214-642-3264
Occupation: Trust Relationship Manager, Northern Trust, Dallas, TX
My wife, Lisa, and I have a beautiful two year old daughter named Kylie. We just moved into our new home in Forney. I really enjoy my career as a wealth advisor in the Financial Services industry.
Updated: 1/14/08

Michelle Fabacher Landry, 636 Birchwood Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address: mlandry2003@yahoo.com
Occupation: Dr. Herndon
I am married to Shawn Landry we have two sons, Konnor, (1/26/00) and Logan (9/24/03).

Ronna Foster Riley, Mont Belvieu, TX
e-mail address: ronnac_75@yahoo.com
Occupation: I work in Medical Coding and Coda is a corporate pilot for his compnay
Married Coda Riley (Class of 91). We have 5 wonderful kids: Anthony (17), Coda, Jr. (15), Kayleigh (11), Kyle (10), & Destiny (5).
Updated: 7/6/09

Kimberly G. Fulda, College Station, TX
e-mail address:  kfulda@hotmail.com
Occupation:  Graduate student
I  graduated from A&M  in May of 98 with a BS in Biomedical Sciences.   I am currently attending the University of North TX Health Science Center in Fort Worth and am working towards an MPh in Epidemiology.

Mark D. Gassen, Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address:  AM_GASSEN@SBCGLOBAL.NET
Occupation:  Inside Sales
Engaged to Amy Hidalgo.  Wedding date is 11/21/98.

Chad Gilchrist, 807 South Ave, Port Neches, TX  77651
e-mail address: cgilchrist@mindspring.com
Phone number: (409)727-3616

Lisa Goss Stone, Orange, TX 77632
e-mail address:  lstone.tx@netzero.net 
Phone number:  409-745-1665
Occupation:  Manager 
Kevin and I had our first child, an adorable little girl named Tori Nicole on 11/06/00.

Misty Gouthier Pirtle, 9573 FM 365, Beaumont, TX 77705
e-mail address:  jomi020897@aol.com
Phone number:  409-796-1356
Occupation:  Special education teacher
Married a great guy, Joe from H-F, in Feb '97. I am currently teaching in Winnie. We have a beautiful daughter, Makayla, born August '01. I would love to hear from any of you, so feel free to email me!

Amanda Green LaBarge, Orange, TX 77630
e-mail address:amandalabarge@rocketmail.com
Occupation:  Support Service Manager, FivePoint Credit Union
Updated: 6/26/15

Stephanie Greenway Barger, Austin, TX 78752
e-mail address: stephanie@bargers.com 
Phone number: 512-926-7912
Occupation:  Stay at home mom/student
I only attended PN-G my junior year and then had to move back to Jasper. I married Mike Barger in 1999 and we have a beautiful daughter, MacKenzie (5/30/00) and I have a step-daughter, Brittany (6/5/92). Mike's a police officer on 6th Street and I'm working on my RN. Hope everyone is doing well, and I would love to hear from you!

Sara C. Gregory, 510 Melissa Court, Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address:  scg8675@aol.com
Occupation:  Secretary
I have a little girl named Kierra born on 2/21/96. 

David B. Hanks, 2109 Sawdust Rd., Woodlands, TX 77380
e-mail address:  daveh70@yahoo.com 
Phone number: 281-419-0043
Occupation:  Supervisor , United Parcel Service 
Hi everyone, I live in the Woodlands, working at UPS in Conroe as a On-car Supervisor. Would love to hear from ya! Send me a email...take care.  

Killey Hass Cannon
e-mail address:  killeycannon@man.com 
I have a son, Brenden (3/24/98) and a daughter, Brooke (2/15/00).  I teach kindergarten at Langham Elementary in Nederland. 

Jeff B. Herford, 1011 Leighsford, Arlington, TX 76006
e-mail address:  jherford@att.net
Phone number:  817-265-2164
Occupation:  Sales Representative for Cintas Corporation in Ft. Worth, TX
I graduated in '98 from Sam Houston State University with a Corporate Fitness Degree and have not used it since.  I live in Arlington and am a corporate boy now.  Look forward to hearing from any of you.  Sorry I couldn't make the last reunion, but will be there next time.

Amy Hidalgo Gassen, 6961 39th Street, Groves, TX 77619
Occupation: Hairstylist and Color Specialist
Hey, everyone, this web page is so neat. After just eight years of dating, Mark and I finally got married. Mark is the warehouse manager and does inside sales with All-Phase Electric and is going back to school to get a degree in math and to coach. He still has a love for sports. After playing soccer at McNeese, kicking for a semi-pro footbhall team out of Baton Rouge, and coaching area kicker on the side, he decided he enjoys sports too much not to do it for a career. I am doing hair for Regis Hairstylist where I have been for six years. It is the largest Hair Corp. in the world; we have over 65,000 salons worldwide and I am in the top 100 of our corp, and the top three in Texas. Needless to say, I love my job, but I am going back to school to get my license to teach cosmetology. I will be through by December of 2001. We have just purchased our first home--where else but right here in PNGISD.

Garrett W. Higginson, 11143 Berry Farm Rd, Fountain, CO 80817
e-mail address:  HiggsPlace@aol.com
Occupation:  US Marine
I did 10 yrs in the Marines, married my beautiful wife Chaundra, and have a son named Hunter who was born Oct 1 2000. After being all over the world, it's great to back God bless to all, and my best for everyone.

Carrie Hilgeman Jones, 639 Birchwood Dr., Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address: CareAnn1224@aol.com
Occupation: Self Employed: Jones Bookkeeping
Married Brian Jones in 1997 from Austin (class of '92), we have two sons Brandon (7/21/98) and Caleb (2/14/03). I am working from my home so I can raise our children and not miss one moment of their lives. Hope everyone is doing great!

Stephanie Hinson Kerlin, 267 Wentworth Drive West Columbia, TX 77486
e-mail address:  slhinson@hotmail.com
Phone number:  512-916-4582
Occupation:  Second Grade Teacher

Roxie James Romero, Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address: rromero9@gt.rr.com
Been married to Jerret Romero for 4 years. I have a daughter Juliet Jordan - 7, Jerret and I have a daughter that's 2 Layla Marie Romero.
Updated: 5/24/07

Jolee Johnson Kramer, 410 Avenue E, Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address: jolee724@hotmail.com
Phone number: 409-724-0114
Phone number: 745-4859
Occupation: Housewife
G ot divorced from the worst marriage in 2001. Met the man of my dreams on New Year's eve 2002. Got married July 24, 2004. Two weeks later got pregnant and had a beautiful girl named Kayanna Lee on April 27, 2005. After I had her, I decided to be a stay at home mom. May of 2004 found out I have type 1 diabetes and have been battling that. Anyway,would love to hear from yall. Husband's name is Brian Kramer from Midfield, TX.

Tracie C. Johnson, Orange, TX 77630
e-mail address: tjohnson@esc5.net 
Phone number: 409-886-5241
Occupation:  Band Director
I'm single and still looking. I am teaching band for the Little Cypress-Mauriceville school district. 

Ray Jones, 2100 W. Baker Rd. Apt 521, Baytown, TX 77521
e-mail address: rjones91@houston.rr.com
Phone number: 281-427-2357
Occupation: Band Director Gentry Junior School, Goose Creek CISD

Angela Jordan Kieke, Carrollton, TX
e-mail address:  adj1192@hotmail.com
Occupation:  Senior Quality Engineer for Orthofix, Inc.
Graduated from Texas A&M with BS in chemical engineering in May 1998. Married my wonderful husband, Benjamin (also an Aggie), on 7/10/99. Our only baby is our golden retriever puppy, Chewy!

Craig A. Jungen, 6845 Camden Lane, Groves, TX 77619
Phone number:  409-960-6059
Occupation:  United States Federal Officer
I am married to my wonderful wife, Stephanie, whom I feel that I have been blessed with.   She graduated from college as a Surgical Tech.  We are having the time of our lives now, and are looking forward to starting a family in the very near future.

Korey Kimball, 311 Wayne St, New Iberia, LA, 70563
e-mail address: koreyk@bayoucompanies.com
Occupation: I work for The Bayou Companies, LLC as the Special Projects Manager. 
After graduation in 2001, I became a Consultant for Pi Kappa Alpha and lived in Memphis for one year.  Attended Eastern Illinois University for a year then moved to Houston where I have been with the company for 3 years.  I transferred to Louisiana in 2003 and am currently single.
Updated: 2/21/06

Dawn Landry Johnson , 917 Wilson, Port Neches, TX 77651
e- mail address: kjohnson10@gt.rr.com
Occupation: Legal Assistant for Germer Gertz, LLP in Beaumont.  Graduated from Lamar State College in 12/99 with Associate of Applied Science-Legal Assistant Degree. 
I am married to Kasey Johnson from Nederland and we have two beautiful children together.  A son Hayden Todd born 7/27/01 and a daughter Hadley Tate born 4/13/04.  Needless to say my life is pretty hectic, but I love every minute of it.  Unfortunately, I missed the 5 and 10 year reunions, but I hope to see you all at the 15, which is right around the corner.  Take care!!

Greg Lanier, 1101 Lambrusco Harker Heights, TX 76548
Phone number: 254-698-1188
Married Mary Catherine Sheppard in 1994. We have a beautiful daughter, Ciera, who is almost 8 years old now and is a competitive cheerleader. We are stationed back in Texas, at Fort Hood.

Merrill L. Landry, 2945 Berry Ave., Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address: hustlerofcigars@aol.com
Phone number: 409-963-2846
Occupation: Fireguard for Conex and Pro Elvis Impersonator. Hey gang don't be cruel!!!!!!!!!!!
Hello all, e-mail me.  Thanka you very much. Thank you very much. PS: hey ladies don't be shy!!!!!!!!!!!LOL
Updated: 10/26/08

Greg D. Lanier, 6454D Garcia Blvd., Fort Lewis, WA 98433
e-mail address:   Lazieass101@aol.com 
Phone number:  512-331-6988
Occupation:  U.S. Army
Married Mary Catherine Sheppard in 5/1994. We have a beautiful daughter, Ciera, who is almost 6 years old. I am currently stationed in Korea for one year and Mary and Ciera are back in Austin.

Han Le, 1200 Broadmoor Drive #178, Austin, TX 78723
e-mail address: han.le@mail.utexas.edu
Phone number: 512-371-3348
Occupation: Graduate Coordinator for UT's College of Engineering Executive Education Programs

Charlie A. Lefort, 4040 Crow Rd #804, Beaumont, TX 77706
e-mail address: chuck763@prodigy.net 
Occupation:  Management, Mike Smith Mitsubishi 
Occupation: Asst.Salesmanager @ Mike Smith Mitsubishi, Nissan
Married to Lindsey Ross Lefort,& expecting our 1st child due 11/27/2000. As of right know we just call him Junior!

Janet Lehman Schriver, P.O. Box 429, Exmouth, Western Australia 6707
e-mail address: janetdownunder@westnet.com.au
I am currently living on a peninsula in Exmouth, Western Australia with my husband Rick and 2 kids, Samantha 8 & Ryan 2 ½. Right now I am teaching music to preschool and kindergarten aged children thru the only school within 300km of the nearest town. My husband, Rick, works for a Solar Observatory in Learmonth which watches the sun for solar flares. We will be here till May of 2010.
Updated: 8/21/07

Troy Letulle, Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address: letulle7@yahoo.com
Phone Number: 409-726-8190
Occupation: Teacher & Dad
Hey guys, my family and I moved back to the area from Clear Lake and I am currently working as a science teacher at Port Neches Middle School.  Who would have thought?  We have two great kids that keep us pretty busy, Quinn is 5 and Shelby is 4.  It is nice to be back in the area, but I don't really see too many of you guys.  It would be nice to hear from you.  Troy

Michael A. Lightfoot, 15831 Contender Ln, Friendswood, TX 77546
e-mail address: mlightfoot@gmail.com
Phone number: 281-648-4802
Occupation: Supervisor of Systems Administration @ Rice University
Married to Kerrie Martin (PNG '94). We have three sons, Jacob (10/00), Aaron (7/02), and Caleb (7/05). Graduate of Angelo State University (BS -- Computer Science)
Updated: 11/1/06

Josh Lueth, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address:  JandClueth@aol.com
Occupation:  Drywall Mechanic for Kizziah Construction
We moved back to Groves and are expecting our second child in March. This will give our daughter Madison (12-29-98) someone to play with.

James N. Martin, 4810 Foster Avenue, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address: jumbie@pernet.net
Occupation: Student/Nondestructive Examination Tech.

Joanna McCuller Sheppard
e-mail address:  sheppjl@lub002.lamar.edu
Occupation: Accountant
Live in Nederland with my husband, Lance Sheppard, and two beautiful children, Ty (10/98) and Meg (2/01).

Jessie G. Milazzo, 10401 N. Lamar #P-203, Austin, TX 78753
e-mail address:  jessie_78753@yahoo.com
Phone number:  512-835-5971
Occupation:  Accounting

Shelly Miller Satcher, 2625 River Oaks, Dr Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address: ssatcher@gt.rr.com
Occupation: I graduated from Lamar University with a BBA in Human Resource Management. I am married to Tim Satcher ('92) and we live in Port Neches. We have two little girls, Sydney 7/99 and Mackenzie 7/01.
Updated: 7/23/07

Christina Moore Valentine, 402 Del Mar Circle, Copperas Cove, TX 76522
e-mail address: s_nshine@hotmail.com 
Phone number: 254-338-4749 (cell)
Occupation: U.S. Army Officer
My husband, Nick, and I have been stationed at Fort Hood, TX since 2005. We have a beautiful daughter, Emma Morgan, and are trying for #2. I just made the Captain's list, and should get promoted this summer! I would like to congratulate Karen Choate on her upcoming wedding (your pics on Hollier's website were great!) and would like to say hello to Jay Czaja!! Aloha, my friend!!
Updated: 3/3/08

Scott Moore, Austin, TX
e-mail address:  jscottmoore@earthlink.net
Occupation:  Systems Analyst at Austin ISD
Updated: 9/5/07

Laura L. Morehead, 5151 Richmond Ave. #164, Houston, TX 77056
e-mail address:  lauramorehead@yahoo.com 
Phone number:  713-877-9679
Occupation: Executive Assistant at Computer Associates

Tina L. Munoz, 7925 Tom Drive, Port Arthur, TX 77642
e-mail address: BoBina4@aol.com
Phone number: 409-722-5631
Occupation: Full-time student at Lamar University

Kyle A. Munz, 11443 Sageglen, Houston, TX 77089
e-mail address: kmunz@quickfinger.com
Occupation: Professional Driver and part-time IT Consultant

Michael Musgrove, Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address: mmusgrove@gt.rr.com
Occupation: Motiva, Operator
Married to Jayme Herford (class of 1994), and we have two kids.
Dillon Musgrove, 8-00 and Macie Musgrove, 4-00. Jayme works as a drug rep for Pfizer. Drop me a line, would love to hear from you
Updated: 5/29/07

Chris (Moose) Myers, 225 7th St., Port Arthur, TX 77640
Phone number:  409-616-4592
Occupation:  Music DJ/singer, song writer
Hello, all!!!  Bet you thought ol Moose would be rotting somewhere by now.   Wrong!  I have finally found my true love, MUSIC.  I have been singing and performing gospel hardcore rap for the past year.  I also DJ at the Tokyo Lounge in PA on Sundays, come check it out.  I will be performing all over southern Mexico in the fall, so wish me luck.  GOD BLESS MOOSEMAN. 

David Nelson
e-mail address: davidn@southeasttexas.com
Phone number: 409-626-4370
Occupation: Outside Sales
Updated: 7/2/07

Sherrill Nero Werner, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address: sherrillandy1@yahoo.com
Occupation: RN, BSN
Hello everyone. I married Jason Werner. We have two great kids, Cory and Seth. I am a surgery nurse at PA Day Surgery/The Medical Center. Jason works for BGI in Beaumont. We have been in Groves since our daughter started school about 8 years ago. We are enjoying our lives and children.. I hope everyone is happy and healthy.
Updated: 9/26/07

April Nesbitt Herrington, 48771 Denton Rd Apt 26, Belleville, MI 48111
e-mail address: aherrin1@ford.com 
Occupation:  Mechanical Engineer
Occupation: Automotive Engineer
I am living just outside of Detroit with my husband, Corey Herrington, and our son Ian (10/4/99). I work for Ford Motor Company as an Advanced Steering Engineer and really enjoy working on the cutting edge technology for future Ford products. Hope to hear from anyone who would like to drop me an e-mail.
Ian Paul Herrington born 10/04/99

Derrill L. Nixson, 1313 Katie Ave., Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address: crzytxn24@hotmail.com
Phone number: 409-728-9828
Occupation: Level 1 technical support engineer for Konica Minolta
Hello to everyone, I am back in Texas now, I am working at Client Logic as a Level 1 Technical support engineer for Konica Minolta Corporation.
Previously I worked technical support for Dell Corporation. While I was with Dell I certified as DSP, Dell onsite service provider. I finally acquired a water front place on Toledo Bend and loving it. I hope everyone is doing well, feel free to e-mail or call anytime, I would love to hear from everyone.
Updated: 2/22/06

Danielle Olivier Jackson, 1624 S. Aspen CT., Broken, Arrow OK 74012
e-mail address: danioj@cox.net
Occupation: English Professor at Tulsa Community College
Updated: 2/21/06

Brooke Petry Miller, 4625 Beaumont Ave., Groves, TX 77619
Occupation:  Dental Assistant

Scott A. Phillips, Port Acres, TX 77640
e-mail address:  sphil34966@aol.com
Occupation:  Outside Sales Rep.
Married, Amber Cliett, son, Taylor (7/15/92). Daughter, Ashlyn (1/22/95).  Employed at CLM Equipment as outside sales rep. 

Jose Pompa, Port Arthur, TX
e-mail address:  PUMPS@aol.com
Occupation:  Painter
Living one day at a time.

Andrew P. Poulter, 2322 Fourth Street, Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address: parpoult@ih2000.net
Occupation: Sales with AmPan
Graduated from Lamar University with a degree in Communication. One daughter, Caylin Brooke. 

Amy Pousson Peevey, 9869 Tram Rd. #2, Beaumont, TX 77713
e-mail address: aim_eye@yahoo.com
Phone number: 409-989-8334
Occupation: 7th gradeEnglish teacher at Groves Middle School
Just an update for anyone (like me) who still checks this out from time to time. My little girl, Phoebe, isn't so little anymore ... she turns 8 in a week on 11/11/01. (I hate Hannah Montana as a result btw.) I'll be married 3 years in January to my second husband, Billy. It's hard to believe I've been teaching school for 12 years now. It's even more unsettling to discover those grey hairs that are starting to poke out. My husband says they give me character - I say they give me a headache!
Updated: 11/3/09

Amy Prioux Priddy, Lumberton, TX
e-mail address: apriddy@gt.rr.com
Occupation: Legal Secretary/Germer Gertz
We have recently moved back to the area from Houston after being gone for 10 years! Troy (PNG Class '92) is starting his own business doing home inspections and I have returned to the legal field. We are the proud parents of THREE (Baylee 10/99, Mollee 10/01 & Ethan 06/03). It is good to be back.

Amy Prioux Priddy, Lumberton, TX
e-mail address: apriddy@gt.rr.com
Occupation: Stay at home mom
Married Troy Priddy (PNG Class '92) in September, 1993. We are the proud parents of THREE (Baylee 10/99, Mollee 10/01 & Ethan 06/03). They keep us on our toes! Troy has his own business doing residential home inspections and I stay at home with the kids and help with his business. Hope everyone is doing well!
Updated: 8/31/07

Corey L. Proenza, 5318 West Groves Circle, Groves, TX 77619
Occupation:  Registered Nurse, St. Mary Hospital
In October '96 I married Crystal Blythe (Class of '96).  We have a little girl, Paige, born 3/7/97.  I am employed on a cardiac unit at St. Mary Hospital where I have been certified to insert cardiac PICC lines.

Amy Rachal "Rach" Talley, 2401 Lofton Dr., Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address: jae419@AOL.com 
Phone number: 409-729-9874
Occupation:  "Domestic Goddess"
I have totally abandoned my plans made in high school and instead raising the love of my life, Elizabeth Annette. My husband is Jeff Talley, yes he has matured for those who "knew" him. He is a great father and husband. As for me, there are no more kids in the future right now after learning what a baby can do to your body and what a three year old does to your mind!!! When she starts kindergarten I plan to go to Lamar and study art. Hope everyone is doing great and having fun with what life throws at ya. Don't sweat the small stuff.

John Randolph, 18010 June Oak, Cypress TX 77429
e-mail address: gudpilot74@gmail.com
Phone number: 281-734-8496
Occupation: Pilot for Expressjet Airlines, we fly 230 Embraer 145's for Continental Airlines. Still working part-time as a flight instructor at the David Wayne Hooks airport in Spring,TX for United Flight Systems.
Graduated from Texas A&M University. Live in the Houston area with my wife (Tiffany, married 2003) and son Ethan (03/2006). Tiff is a full time teacher (Chemistry, Physics) for Tomball ISD.
Updated: 1/19/09

Douglas L. Reedy, Nederland, TX 77627
e-mail address: DNAReedy@aol.com 
Phone number: 409-724-6029
Occupation: Sales 

Aimee Sandifer Gross, Lewisville, TX 75067
Occupation:  I am a nurse for Baylor Medical Center in Grapevine, TX.  We are expanding our hospital to include a 5-story tower for patients, we have a new cardiac cath lab, and we are now Tarrant County supplier of kidney transplants.  I love my job.   I own a new company called Trained for Life, we teach CPR and it is loads of fun.
I married Eric Gross in Sept. of 96.  He and I are beginning the plans for our cattle ranch.  We have no kids, just two blue healers and love our country life in Lewisville.

Kevin Schexnaider, 4507 Kandywood Dr., Port Arthur, TX 77642
e mail address: kevinschexnaider@sbcglobal.net
Phone number: 409-721-9455
Occupation: Coach/Teacher
I just recently got back in to coaching and teaching. I had left in March of 2006 to go in to pharmaceutical sales. It didn’t take me long to realize Corporate America was not for me. I was recently hired back by PNG ISD as the Head Coach and a PE teacher at Port Neches Middle School. I was married in June of 2002 to Cortnie Moerbe from Bridge City. We added our first Indian to the Reservation on March 28, 2006. His name is Kade Jacob. Hope everyone is well and I will see y’all at our next reunion.
Updated: 5/15/07

Robert J. Seaman, 7037B Arnold Ave., Elmendorf AFB, AK 99506
e-mail address: rjseaman01@yahoo.com
Occupation:  United States Air Force; stationed at Barksdale Air Force Base, LA
Spouse: Shylo, teaches middle school. 3 children: Kendall, Noah, and Ella
Update: 6/11/07

Ryan Slott, P.O. Box 275, Nederland, TX 77627
e-mail address: rslott@ci.beaumont.tx.us
Phone number: 409-729-2404
Occupation: SuperintendentMy family and I just moved back to Port Neches when I took a Superintendent position with the City of Beaumont. I married Aimee Nicholas (10/2000) of Nederland and we have a son Cooper (5/25/2003) and a daughter Camryn (5/23/2006) that keeps us busy. Look forward to catching up with those of you I havent seen in a while.
Updated: 12/12/06

Albert R. Smith
e-mail address: burble@gt.rr.com
Occupation: Accounting/Bookkeeping
I work in Nederland and live in Groves.

Amy Smith Dubois, PSC 1003 Box 8, FPO, AE  09728
e-mail address: mrsdscience@hotmail.com 
Phone number: 354-425-2247
Occupation:  Teacher 
I graduated Texas A&M University (May '97) and have taught science and math in Victoria, Texas for three years. I married Brady Dubois (June 96) and we have no children at this time. After my husband completed his MBA, he decided to joined the Navy. We are currently living in Iceland. It's beautiful here! Instead of teaching, I am working on my status as a domestic goddess. I have a website with pictures of Iceland for those who are interested. Please feel free to contact me via e-mail sometime. I hope all of you are happy and in great health.

Teresa Smith Warren, 6689 Plaza St. Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address: tlwarren112494@yahoo.com
Occupation: Stay home mom
I have been married to Bryan Warren (Bridge City ' 92) since November 24, 1994. We have two beautiful children, Chase (born 1-21-98) and Chelsey (born 7-14-2000). Bryan has his own business (C & C On-Site Services), so I'm fortunate enough to stay home and do some work for him on the side. I hope life is wonderful for all of you!

Sandra A. Soenning
e-mail address: ssoennin@juno.com
Occupation:  Clinical Psychologist in Austin, Texas
Updated: 10/22/07

Angie Somerville Melancon
email address:  angie@gt.rr.com
Occupation: 3rd grade teacher
I married Michael Melancon(PN-G class of '92) in 2000. I have two daughters Caylin(4/95) and Callie(5/01). I am currently teaching 3rd grade at Ridgewood Elementary. After teaching 4 years in Beaumont, it is great to be an Indian again!

Jay Stauffer, 9230 Northmeadows, Beaumont, TX77706
e-mail address:  Jstauffer@brockgroup.com
Phone number:  409-861-3053
Occupation:  SR. Network Engineer for Brock Enterprises, Inc
Graudated from Lamar University Port Arthur, December 1997 (BIS-Microcomputer Support Specialist) 

Thad Stein
e-mail address: tstein@wt.net 
Occupation:  Lab Tech. for environmental company
I am living in The Woodlands, and engaged to Jennifer Redman. 

George C. Sturrock, 509 Leverkuhn St, Houston, TX 77007
e-mail address: george.sturrock@gmail.com
Phone number: 972-467-2323
Occupation: Manager - Pariveda Solutions
Updated: 5/13/08

Sunshine Swafford Habash, Nederland, TX 77627
e-mail address:  sunshine.habash@pfizer.com
Occupation:  RN, Pharmaceutical Representative
Graduated from the University of Texas Medical Branch in '97.  I am now working at St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Beaumont in the Pediatric ICU and truly love it!  Hope all is well with everyone and God Bless!!!
Updated: 8/13/07

Jason E. Sweeney, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address:  observer@pernet.net
Occupation:  Computer Technician/Service Manager

Brian A. Tabor, 1019 Marion St., Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address:  BigBri74@aol.com
Phone number:  409-724-7713
Occupation:  Former marine, now I work at Sprintank. 

Amy Rachal "Rach" Talley, 2401 Lofton Drive, Pt. Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address: missrachal2007@aol.com
Occupation: Currently in school for Drafting and loving it! Almost done! :)
Oh my gosh, are we really this old? lol In 1997, married Jeff Talley (class of 1994) Divorced in 2007 and have remained very close friends. We have an amazing, beautiful daughter, Elizabeth Annette (9-12-97), who is 10 years old and let's just say 'karma' is having a field day with me! lol Was a stay-at-home mom for 10 years and now I'm currently working at Sitel on a T-mobile contract so I can finish school. I'm going for Drafting and I'm loving every minute of it! I know that sounds so weird coming from the "Let's skip school Queen" herself, but I finally found something I truly love to do! Hope everyone is doing great, feel free to email me or go to my myspace at www.myspace.com/rach01993. Remember, have fun and don't sweat the small stuff! ;) See ya'll soon!
Updated: 11/26/07

Brooke Tamplin Ainsworth, Shreveport, Louisiana
e-mail address: brooke.ainsworth@smith-newphew.com
Occupation: Smith & Nephew Orthopedics
Hope everyone is doing well. My husband, Ron, and I live in Shreveport with our two rotten dogs! Hope everyone is doing well. Look forward to seeing you at the 20-year reunion.
Updated: 9/21/10

Kerry Thames Perkins, 5105 Atlantis Terrace, Arlington, Tx 76016
e-mail address: dave-carolyn@sbcglobal.net
Phone number: 817-451-0740
Occupation:  Stay-at-home mom
I hope everyone is doing great...I am with my family. I married Jason Perkins of Arlington in June of 1996 and we have a daughter Sarah Elizabeth age 9 (03-14-1999) and David Jacob better known as Jake age 2 (06-23-2005). We stay busy with school and everything in between. Feel free to drop a line. I am curious to know how some of you are.

Updated: 5/30/08

Randa K. Thibodeaux, 2706 Windwatch Pl., Marietta, TX 30062
e-mail address:  randat@hotmail.com
Phone number:  678-560-9642
Occupation:  Physical Education teacher and Coach
I live in Atlanta, GA and I teach at an elementary school. I am also coaching at a local high school that has over 3,200 kids! I coach cross-country and track - boys and girls. It is really fun, but I am too busy! I do miss the Indians and of course all the school spirit.

Bounthanh Thong, 7990 Wilcox Ln., Beaumont, TX 77706
e-mail address:  thongbount@aol.com
Occupation:  Self employed, President of Tele Cable Construction

Reagen Walker
e-mail address:  12274cb3@txsp.com  

Matthew L. Weatherford, 2015 6th St, Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address: Mat420w@aol.com 
Phone number: 409-722-5830
Occupation:  Air Conditioning Man
Keigan Micheal Weatherford 09/28/95 

Steven Weldon, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address: sweldon@applied.com
Phone number: 409-729-6969
Occupation:  Operations Manager for Applied Industrial Technologies in Lake Charles and Winter works at the Jefferson County Court House
I am living in Groves now with my wonderful wife Winter Hollier (class of 1998) I recently retained custody of my 11 year old daughter Tessa. Winter and I have a beautiful son Gracin, 9 months old, and another one on the way. (due August 29th) And yes I know what causes this !!! I am looking forward to seeing everyone for our 15th. Wow that sounds weird. Keep in touch.
Updated: 1/28/08

Lee A. West
e-mail address:  leewest00@hotmail.com

Eric R. Wienert, 2350 West Creek Lane #6201, Houston, TX 77027
e-mail address:  eric_wienert@hotmail.com
Phone number:  713-627-2759
Occupation:  Pipeline engineer for Fluor Daniel in Houston

Adrianna Williams Cochrane, 1013 Adam Court, Cottontown, TN 37048
e-mail address: alc@cwf-law.com 
Phone number: 615-515-1087
Occupation:  Legal Assistant 
Isabella Paige born October 4, 2001
Updated: 4/10/07

Jeff B. Williams , 4664 Rosewood, Kountze, TX 77625
e-mail address: JW928@aol.com
Phone number: 409-246-8428
Occupation: Student and part-time operator for Texaco

Suzann Wilson Williams, Port Arthur, TX 77642
e-mail address: midnight@wwbbs.net 
Occupation: SAHM
Hi Everyone. I married Kevin Williams (LCM Graduate) on 10/18/97. He's a cellular phone tech and also works with computers. We had our first child Steven Joseph on 11/01/00. He is the light of our lives!! I'm a SAHM and I design webpages mostly for fun but I have made some money at it. LOL I'd like to keep in touch with you guys so drop me an email sometime.

Wendy Woodall Gray, Nederland, TX 77627
e-mail address:  wengray@hotmail.com
Phone number:  409-727-0248
Occupation:  Program Coordinator for Exchange Students
I graduated Lamar with an education degree but currently working from home. Married Robert (Ned. '87) and have 2 beautiful daughters, Robyn (4/19/96) and Abigail (3/9/01).

James (Jim) A. Young
e-mail address: james@txyoung.net
Love my job and have been here since 1995. I am involved with all sorts of special projects and groups at work. Bought a house on 3 acres in the Texas Hill Country in 2000, and have beautiful Blanco River access. Life could not be better. Would love to hear from some of you.
Updated: 1/31/13