President Scott Palmer
Vice President JoAnn Mertens
Secretary Shan Wamble
Treasurer K.C. Wells
Reporter Lisa Bieber
Motto:  "We're the best from here to heaven, Senior Class of '87"

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Gina Arrington Johnson, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address:
Occupation:  Full-time mom.
I married Bart Johnson in November, 1989. We were married for over 11 wonderful years. He recently passed away in August 2001--he was an awesome husband and father. We love and miss him so much. We have 2 beautiful children together...Ryan Paul (6/11/92) and Megan Rene (10/8/97). I stay at home and take care of my kids. We are all doing as well as to be expected, I guess--but it is very, very hard. I want to tell everyone to please live like there is no tomorrow. You never know what the future holds for you and your family.

Misty Barfield Engelmann, Arlington, TX 76006
Occupation:  Secretary, North Arlington Christian Center; housewife
We just moved to Arlington, TX, in February, 98, to help friends plant a church that was deeded in North Arlington.  My husband, Marc, works as a Financial Analyst at FirstPlus and we have two sons, Ryan (9/30/93) and Evan (2/23/99). 

Rebecca Bates Broussard, S. Kitchen, Port Neches, TX 77651
Occupation:  Owner of the Coffee Connection located on 4318 Lincoln in Groves
I remarried in Feb. of 1998 to Brian Broussard. I have three great kids: MaeGan Peltier 12 (04-25-88), Nathan Peltier 8 (03-11-92), Austin Broussard 7 (04-8-93)

Jeri Ann Begnaud Conaty, 4560 Postbridge Dr., Plano, TX 75024
Occupation:  Mom
I married Tom Conaty in March of 95.  We have two children:  Kyle Thomas 2/19/96 and Kayla Ann 12/6/98.  We have lived in Plano for 2.5 years now and love it.   Before I was a mom, I worked at EDS.  Now I stay home with the kids and work from home selling Pampered Chef products.  I love to hear from people from home.

Clayton E. Belanger, 604 South 7th St., Nederland, TX 77627
e-mail address:
Phone number:  409-729-9179
Occupation:  Offshore Production Operator
Married Trudi Achord (Class of '91).  We just celebrated our 10th anniversary.   We have four kids:  Bryce Stewart 7/1/91, Becca Marie 8/19/92, Brock Anthony 12/6/93, Brena Elizabeth 12/18/95.  I've been running offshore platforms for about 5 years.  Love to hear from 'old' classmates.

Dana Belrose Godair, 1926 Ninth St., Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address:
Phone number:  409-338-6253
Occupation:  Technology Aide at Taft Elementary
Joseph Godair (SFA '87) and I married on 1/15/94. We work together in our church (Landmark UPC in Port Neches) where I am still teaching Sunday School, work with the Ladies Ministry, music ministry (both of us: I still sing and Joe is the drummer), and assistant head of the Hostess/Usher committee. I would love to hear from any of you who care to email. Life is short...enjoy it while you can with those you love and live for Jesus always!
Updated: 5/29/07

Christi Bernard Garivey, Friendswood, TX
e-mail address:
Occupation: Legal Assistant for the Attorney General of Texas
I have been in the Houston area for the past 10 1/2 years. I have 5 children. Kevin Davis II (3-14-87), Casey Davis (12-1-88), Caitlyn Garivey (3-3-93), Amanda Garivey (3-24-98), and Josef Garivey (8-15-01). I work for the Attorney General's office as a legal assistant in Texas City. I still follow the PNG football teams, especially since Kevin & Casey still live there. Kevin is a Jr. in high school and plays the trumpet in the band. Casey is a freshman there. My 3 little ones & I live in Friendswood which is just south of Houston. There is still no school around that can beat the spirit of the PURPLE and WHITE. I would love to hear from any my classmates.
Updated: 11/14/06

Robert W. Berwick, 4023 Knollgate, San Antonio, TX 78247
e-mail address: 
Phone number: 210-499-4707
Occupation:  I enlisted in the Air Force in 1989 and served almost 10 years before getting out. I spent 6 years overseas and 3 in San Antonio. I have since returned to San Antonio and work as a Police Officer for the University of Texas at San Antonio.
I married Corina P. Reyna of San Antonio 12/92 and we have two boys (George 09/86 and Robert 07/94).

Scott A. Bordonaro, 2916 Ave. L, Nederland, TX 77627
Phone number: 409-727-8988
Occupation:  I work as a correctional officer for the Mark W. Stiles Unit.
After graduating from PN-G, I attended Lamar University. I married Kim Hallmark (1987 Nederland ) in December of 1991. We have one little boy named Brett who was born September 10, 1996. We are expecting our second child in December 1999. 

Kristi Borel Morris, 1762 Yorkshire Dr., Beaumont, TX 77713
Phone number: 409-860-9222
Occupation:  Super Kmart
Dack Morris husband, 5 kids, Corey 4/22/86, Kaylyn 12/10/90, Kelsey 11/18/92, Colton & Cierra 11/17/98 

Kelly Bost Taubert, 1708 Nall Street, Port Neches, TX 77651
Occupation: Site Focal Point for Motiva Refinery, Port Arthur, TX
Married to Glenn Taubert (who graduated in 1979 from PNG High School). I have two beautiful children--Chase Bertrand (PNG 2012) and Brittain Bertrand (PNG 2015). Glenn has three children: Ryan (PNG 2002), Bailey (PNG 2013), and Emily (will graduate in 2016).
Updated: 5/9/14

Wendy G. Broussard, Groves, TX 77619
Occupation:  Branch Manager for Prime Energy Systems, Beaumont, TX 

Valerie Chatelain LaCroix, Port Neches, TX 77651
I married Sean LaCroix and have four children, (Amber Lynn 5-12-85, Kaitlyn Rose 6-26-89, Steven Wayne 9-29-90, Dylan Michael 7-31-91) I'm a housewife that works part-time waiting tables. 

Joanna Clopton Courville, 670 Birchwood Drive, Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address:
Occupation: Housewife and Mom
I married Chad Courville (Nederland class of 1986) in 1990. We have 3 sons: David, Kenny and Steven. I graduated from Lamar University in 1993 with a BBA in Accounting. But I have been blessed with the privilege of getting to be a stay-at-home Mom for most of time that we've been a family. Personally, I am very interested in learning more about the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith. The difficult times I have experienced have only motivated me to get back to basics, and made me appreciate my parents' legacy as Bible Believers, and caused me to greatly appreciate the Torah, laws or counsels of God. We plan on staying where we are and continuing to raise our kids and support them until they are independent.
Updated: 1/6/09

Lanie Comstock Smith, 58 Pine Song Place, The Woodlands, TX 77381
Phone number: 281-364-7466
Occupation:  Court Reporter  
I am married to David Smith and we have one son, Alex (12/20/90) and another little boy on the way due 12/99. We also have one dog and three cats (they keep finding me). I have been a court reporter for 10 years and counting and love living in The Woodlands.

Chris L. Crippen, 2841 Round Tower Lane, Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address:
Phone number:  409-724-7972
Occupation:  Operator--Lanxess Corporation
I married Kelsey Walker on June 19, 1993. We have a daughter (Kristen Kay - age 4) and twin boys (Cole Walker and Cayce David - age 2).
Updated: 9/25/06

Tracy Duhon Reaux, 4649 Cleveland Ave., Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address: 
Occupation:  Customer Service Representative

Jennifer East Patin, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address: 
Occupation:  Office Manager at First Christian Church in Port Arthur
One daughter, Leslie, 12/27/91. Married to Ken Patin (PNG '85) Can't believe it's been almost 15 years since graduation! What memories!

Michael A. Ezzelle, 2018 10th Street, Port Neches, TX 77651
Phone number:  409-722-6654
Occupation:  Funeral Director/Apprentice
Since we graduated, I have gone through many changes in my life.  First, I married Jodie Hand (PN-G 90) on 6/1/91.  We now have 4 children:  Matthew 9/17/92, Mason 4/23/94, Micah 1/29/96, and Mallorie 12/18/97.  And, to answer the question for everyone, YES WE ARE THROUGH HAVING CHILDREN!  I love being a husband and father.   My family completes me.  I worked in the industrial construction industry for 12 years.  I became tired of switching jobs all the time so I decided to make a change.  I am currently working for Levingston Funeral Home, and attending the Commonwealth Institute of Funeral Service in Houston.  After I graduate in May of 2000 with my degree in Applied Sciences and Business, we plan to relocate to Austin, Texas, to take over my uncle's business.  Well, that's about it!  I would like to hear from any of you that I graduated with, so please e-mail me. 

Rosa Flores Alanis, 14905 Mistletoe Heights, Austin, TX 78717
e-mail address:
Phone number: 512-925-6717
Occupation: Teacher/mom
I married Hector Alanis and have 2 beautiful children, Corrin born on 3/11/99 and Matthew born on 5/22/01. Last year we moved to Austin for a job promotion for Hector. We love Austin and I have decided to take some time off from Teaching and enjoy being a stay home mom. Drop us a line or come by and visit.
Updated: 6/19/06

Robin N. Fore, 7335 Lewis Drive, Beaumont, TX  77708
Occupation:  Secretary
Of course you all know I am the proud mother of a daughter named Paige who just turned 3 last February of 2000. I have been working at an accounting firm for the past two years and loving it. I am engaged to be married to Jason Barclay who is from Orange, Texas and will be Mrs. Barclay as of May 19, 2001. I currently live in Beaumont and after marriage might move to Houston. Hope everybody is doing great and would love to hear from whoever emails me.

Michelle Forrest Hickey, 718 Gulf Ave., Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address:
Occupation – Nail Technician
I married Brendan Hickey (who attended PNG for our sophomore year) and have three daughters Jacquelyn (17) who will be a senior this upcoming year ’07 at PNG, Molly (13), and Makenzie (11), both attending PNMS. I have been doing nails for about 19 years but am currently earning my Bachelor’s degree in Business/Marketing.
Updated: 6/23/06

Berton Jay Fountain, 815 Marion Street, Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail: or
Occupation: Captain in the Port Arthur Fire Department
Phone: 409-549-1776
After graduating I attended Lamar majoring in nursing. After a year and a half I decided that wasn't what I wanted to do so I applied at the City of Port Arthur Fire Department and have been there ever since. I have promoted up to the rank of Captain and hopefully will be going furthur. Married Patricia Riley (Deer Park class of '91). We have three beautiful kids: Chelsea Bri-Ann (11-6-92) Jenner Nolon-Jay (10-8-96) and Kaden Alexander (4-15-03). Trish is an RN/Respiratory Therapist currently working at St Elizabeth Hospital in Beaumont. Hope to see everyone at the reunion!
Updated: 6/13/07

Loretta Fowler Dumesnil, 1806 Dieu Street, Port Neches, TX 77651
Phone number:  409-727-4361
Occupation:  Payroll Dept. @ Austin Industrial
Lyndsey 5/13/94 and Lauren 8/10/97 

Kirk D. Frederick, PO Box 283, Port Arthur, TX 77641
e-mail address: 
Phone number: 409-726-4103
Occupation:  Street Sweeper of sorts

Mitchell C. Friedman, 5106 Joslin Road, North, Little Rock, Arkansas 72118
e-mail address:
Phone number: 501 650 5922
Occupation: Major in the US Army
1 girl born 8/5/95 and 1 boy born 5/18/00 Retirement put on hold due to Sep 11, I recently returned from one year tours in Afghanistan 05-06 and Iraq 02-03. I now have 20+ years of military service, looking forward to early retirement. Enjoy our 2 german shepherds, poodle, cats and aquariums, may open a pet store or farm after I finish my military service. God Bless America.
Updated: 10/0/07

Derek M. Gans, Fort Worth, TX 76053
e-mail address:
Occupation:  Stay at home dad
After I graduated Lamar with a BFA (Graphic Design), I had a hard time finding employment in that field (thanks to the dot com crash and 9/11).  I got married (Aug 2001) to a wonderful woman, Kristen Rabe, a pharmacy tech at the Groves Wal-Mart, and a year later, we had Isaac.  Since I had an Art Degree and an family to help support, I became employed as a delivery driver at the Groves Dominos Pizza  After a about two years of that, I found a graphics job with a small legal support company in Houston.  It would have been a much better experience had it been one of the larger, more established companies since after about a year and a half, my company failed and I got laid off. This was a blessing in disguise since most of my wife's family lives up here in the Fort Worth area and her sister was able to get her a well paid position with good benefits at a large PBM (ie mail order pharmacy).  Last September (2005), the 29th to be exact, we found out that our 4 year old son has Type-I Diabetes. For those of you who don't know, that's the insulin dependent type.  He gets a shot and a finger stick with every meal and a separate shot at bedtime. It's been a challenge but we're doing fine.  Isaac took it well and now he just about tells us how to do it.  He'll certainly correct you if he thinks your going to forget something.  Just so you know, we suspected something was wrong when he suddenly began having a bed wetting problem and a constant thirst.  If you know anyone with kids that develop these symptoms, have them checked out. Check .
I am currently applying at a job that will utilize what I learned in the Navy.  I'll leave an update here when I find out how that goes. 
Creedean, if you are reading this please email me

Jennifer Garcia, Nederland TX the moment
E-mail address:
Occupation: Mom at the moment
I married in 88 and divorced in 90 but have beautiful and brilliant 12 year-old daughter, Raven. Having sworn of marriage, but not men, I found a great guy in 97 and we had our first daughter Michaela age 3 (9-98) and our second daughter Gillian age 1 (5-2000) bringing my grand total of dramaqueens to 3. I would love more..but don't know if it is in the cards. Sometimes 3 seems
like more than enough for anyone but then babies are so sweet. My last job was as an NT network support specialist, sounds important right? Hardly! But it paid the bills for a good while:) Haven't worked since I had the last two girls. Drop me a line, would love to hear from you guys.

Kim Geldard Neighbors, 402 Edgewater Ln., Harwell, GA 30643
e-mail address:
2 boys Masyn age 10 and Jasyn age 7. Not married

Melvin R. Gibson, Groves, TX 77619
Occupation:   Manager at DOMINOS in Groves
Married 7 years, 2 children: Jacob 12/22/94 and James 05/05/96 

Dan L. Godfrey, Arlington, TX 
e-mail address: 
Phone number:  817-465-1558
Occupation:  Corporate Accountant
I married Ruth Tsay, whom I met while attending UT.  We were married in June 1999.  Took a long 2 1/2 week honeymoon to Hawaii, Taiwan, and Hong Kong (a little different than Port Neches, TX).  first football baby should be on the way some time next year.  All is great!!!!

Stephanie Golden Weiss, 4410 Tarlton Way, Sugar Land, TX 77478
e-mail address:
Phone number: 281-980-0330
Occupation:  Paralegal in Sugar Land
Married to Troy Weiss in June of 1995. We have two sons, Cameron (11/30/00) and Connor (10/07/04).
Updated: 8/15/11

David E. Green
e-mail address: 
Occupation: Employed by Electronic Data Systems (EDS) as a PC Systems Admin. at Huntsman Petrochemical Co.

Sean P. Guidry, 7061 Live Oak Circle, Groves, TX 77619
Phone number: 409-962-6780
Occupation: PE teacher at Woodcrest Elementary
I am married to Jennifer Phelps Guidry (Nederland '89) and we have a son Kory Guidry 4/18/99.

Kim Guillory Villafano, Nederland, TX 77627
e-mail address:  
Occupation:  Customer Service Rep 
Married John Villafano of Vidor in 1990; Have two sons: Seth 9/95 & Cole 4/97

Greg Hall
e-mail address:
Occupation: Student

Rayna Harvey Headrick, 6902 Royal Knoll Ct., Pasadena, TX 77505
Phone number: 281-487-0024
Occupation: HPC Controller, Albemarle Catalysts
I am married to B.J. Headrick whom I met while attending San Jacinto College in Pasadena. I attended one semester at Southern Arkansas Univ. on volleyball scholarship and missed him so much I came back and we were married. I then finished my Accounting degree at the Univ. of Houston. We married in 1990 and have two terrific children together, Emily (11/21/92) and Canyon (12/25/95). I also have a step-daughter (Ramie) and step-son (Aaron) and have 3 terrific grandchildren, Peyton (1998), Allexus (2000) and Taaron (2002). We work with the 2nd-4th graders @ Sagemont Church in Houston and love it. Haven't been home in many years, my brother and his family usually come to Pasadena to visit, they still live in the house we grew up in. I would love to hear from former classmates. Don't see too many of the athletes I played ball with in high school on the alumni page sure would love to hear from any of you.
Updated: 10/1/07

Melissa L. Hebert, Nederland, TX 77627
e-mail address:
Occupation:  Lamar University Police Dept., Beaumont
I have worked for Lamar University Police Dept. for the past 10 years. I do security for the Texas Academy of Leadership in the Humanities (TALH) program which is offered here at Lamar for Juniorsa nd Seniors to attend Lamar as well as live in the Cardinal Village dorms. I guess you could say I am Dorm Mother/Security Officer to anywhere from 60 - 70 students. I love my job and think that the TALH program is a wonderful opportunity for anyone hoping to achieve great things for their future. Thanks to Facebook I have been able to re-connect with many classmates and friends and would love to hear from anyone!
Updated: 9/1/10

Julie Hecker Graham, Groves, TX 77619J
Occupation:  C & B Services, A/P
Married, 2 sons, Aaron & Noah
UPdated: 8/22/06

Jeffrey C. Hembree, 5113 Winterwood Dr., League City, TX  TX
e-mail address:
Phone number:   (281) 338-2037
Occupation:  Attorney - Business Litigation Specializing in Environmental Law
Married to Jennifer Priddy (Class of 1989).  We now have our first baby boy, Jacob Charles.  He was born on 2/9/99.

Heather Hilton Lewis
Met John Lewis in College Station, TX while we were both attending Texas A&M. We married in 1992, and we have two boys--David (1/4/98) and Hilton (2/29/00). We owned our own business in College Station for 6 years, but we have recently sold it. We are now preparing to move overseas (Central Asia--one of the 'stan' republics of the former Soviet Union). My husband John will be the director of a humanitarian organization, and we will be working with college students. We'll miss Texas and we'd love to hear from any of you!

Jolene Hoffman Johnson, Vilonia, AR 72173
e-mail address:
Occupation: Corporate Accounting Manager – Stephens Inc. (Investment Banking Firm)
I have been married to DJ Johnson (1984 grad of PNG) since March of 1992...15 years and counting! We have two awesome boys...Colton (12) and Caleb (7). We moved to Arkansas 14 years ago and really love it. We lived in North Little Rock for the first ten years we were her, but moved to Vilonia (about 45 minutes frm Little Rock) in search of what we left behind in Groves. Vilonia reminds me a lot of Groves and our PNG schools. Everyone knows everyone and the school spirit is great! It is truly like stepping back in time to a wonderful time that we all remember. I would LOVE to hear from anyone out there. We get so homesick when we think about how long we have been away. (It was great reading up on everyone!)
Updated: 3/5/07

Kimberly Howe Nicholson, 2748 Magnolia Ln., Groves, TX 77619
Phone number: 409-963-3764
Occupation: Wife and Mommy
My husband, Gregg Nicholson (Ned. '86 grad-high school sweetheart), and I have been married since 08-03-91. We have two adorable, energetic boys: Gunnar Reese (01-31-98) and Garrun Colt (05-09-00). Gregg is employed as a lab operator @ Goodyear, Bmt. 

Deborah "Debbie Hoyt" Butler, 2125 East Nevada, Beaumont, TX 77707
e-mail address:
Occupation: Project Site Supervisor for Petrocon Engineering
I married Robbie Butler (1986 Nederland) in September of 89. We have two adorable children, Kaz Bryant 10 (9/20/91) and Breanna Nicole 9 (6/18/93). We have been blessed.

David Hulet, Las Vegas, NV
e-mail address:
Phone number:  702-4
Senior Systems Technician - Clark County Nevada
I still live in Las Vegas and I am currently happily divorced and have been for almost 7 years now. I have my daughters with me full time and I enjoy that very much. They are 14 and 12 now and I am dealing with all the joys of having two girls in middle school. I am still working for Clark County in the IT department although I now have the word "Senior" in my title. I guess we really are all getting older, even though I still refuse to believe it. Looking forward to the reunion in October 07.

Updated 5/02/07

Shelley Hunt Briesch, 8528 W. Indianola Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85037
e-mail address:
Phone number:  623-873-4737
Occupation:  Customer Service Rep. for American Express
Married 1990 to Keith Briesch.  One daughter, 7/27/99.

Michael G. Jacoby, 1105 W. Jackson St., Broken Arrow, OK 74012
e-mail address:
Phone number:  918-251-1125
Occupation:  Trainer
I work as a Technical Trainer for METRIS Co.  I recently graduated from RHEMA Bible Training Center and will eventually enter into full-time ministry. 

Chris Johnson
e-mail address:
Occupation: Environmental Technician @ Invista/DuPont in Orange, Texas
I am married to Audra Johnson from Nederland (that's her maiden name, too....and no, we are not related!)
Updated: 1/29/10

Timothy O. Jordan, 6045 Crockett Lumberton,TX 77657
Occupation:  Waffle House Unit Manager Lumberton,TX
I am married to Leslee for one year now and have a 15 yr. old stepson. As of May 20,2002 I will open the new Waffle House in Lumberton Texas. Managing Restaurants for 13 years now and still loving it.

Lori LaLonde Smith
e-mail address:
Phone: 409-729-7399
Occupation: Fittz & Shipman Engineering Firm
I am married to a wonderful guy, Jeff Smith, from Nederland (he can't help it) and also have 2 great children Lauryn 10 and Jenna 5. I have been married for 10 years and lived in Groves all my life. About a year ago I made the move to Nederland (trust me it was hard to move) but I had him in Indian territory for 11 years so I had to give in and make the move, but I will always be an INDIAN at heart. I now work for a company in Beaumont and it's wonderful. I do collections and work part time so I can be home with the kids, love being a mom and a wife. If you are reading this, please e-mail me. I would love to hear from you.
Updated: 10/9/06

Sarah Carol Jordan, Lake Charles, LA
e-mail address:
Occupation: I am an RN and will finish my advanced practice degree in Dec 07
I have one daughter, Kaley Catrice Cooling age 15.
Updated: 5/11/07

Derek G. Landry,  708 Alpine Dr., Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-722-3469
Occupation:  Employed at Exxonmobil in Beaumont; Indian Spirit in 1987; married to Cindy, a PNG grad 1993. Two children , Grace and Seth.
Updated: 9/26/07

Laura Landry, 23200 Forest North Drive #108, Kingwood, TX 77339
e-mail address: or
Occupation: I teach 6th grade Social Studies in New Caney ISD
I have an 11 year old son named Tanner.
Updated: 4/30/07

Kimberly Lawson Davis
e-mail address:
I have 3 beautiful children, Caitlin 3/14/97, Caleb 3/16/97, Joshua 1/17/99
Updated: 7/03/06

Kerry T. Linares, 17422 14th Avenue SE, Bothell, WA 98012
e-mail address:
Phone number: (409) 344-0635
Occupation: Sr. Project Controls Engineer
Married Leosmaris Tovar of Valencia, Venezuela. Three times the excitement arrived on July 6, 2003, as our triplets Brandon Todd, Andrea Alejandra, and Nicole Roselgil were born. Look us up if you are ever in the Seattle area.
Updated: 2/17/07

Mary Losack Murdock, 5139 Foster Avenue, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-962-2285
Occupation: Teacher, Woodcrest Elementary
Married: Mitch Murdock (Class of 1986) in May 1990. We have 3 wonderful little Indians: Micah Edward (9-29-93), Avery Paul (9-3-96) and Zachary Thomas (5-15-99)

Darren McCutcheon, 5240 Frances Court, Groves, TX 77619
Occupation: Process Operator - BASF
Married to Robin Slott and have 2 wonderful children - Laura (9/97) and Jacob (7/01). I am currently serving on the PNG ISD School Board and really enjoy making a difference in the lives of our children.
Come by to see us any time.
Updated: 6/5/06

Tina McGee Brown, New Boston, TX 75570
e-mail address:
Occupation: IT Senior Project Manager, CHRISTUS Health
Married Michael Brown of New Boston (25 miles West of Texarkana, Texas) in 2005. I have 2 step children, both boys 11 and 12 years of age. We both work for CHRISTUS Health - Information Technology out of the CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System facility in Texarkana. We travel a lot across Texas and Louisiana and stay very, very busy. I still have my one special dog, 13 yrs old.
Updated: 6/22/06

Sarah McQuhae Lee, 32198 Sandwedge Dr., Waller, TX 77484
e-mail address:
Phone number: 281-732-7764
Occupation: Math teacher at Waller Junior High in Waller, Texas.
I moved away the summer before my senior year. My parents would not let me stay and graduate at PN-G. I had to move to Kingsville, Texas, but I will always consider PN-G my alma mater. I have a 17 year old daughter, Marie (1992), and 4 step-children. I graduated from Texas A&M in 1999 (WHOOP)and have taught 6th, 7th, or 8th grade math ever since.
Updated: 9/7/09

George (Mickey) Melancon, Houston, TX 77025
e-mail address:
Phone number: 281-686-9379
Occupation: Mechanical Systems Inspector, MD Anderson Cancer Center
Married 4/16/88 to Michelle Williams. Divorced- 11/2001. Married Cindy Yeates 3/2003 and divorced 3/2008. 9 years active duty Air Force mostly overseas. I have 4 kids. Kevin and Stacie 4/26/89 (twins); Trent 3/15/91; and Aaron 9/5/92. Kevin and Stacie are both away at college already! Seems like yesterday.
Updated: 2/4/08

Nancy Merkley Polk, Greenville, TX 75402
e-mail address:
Occupation: Used to be LAN administration/small computer support IT type, but now am blessed to be a full time mom. I went to Port Neches elementary & middle school, but moved to Oklahoma in 1982. I'm really surprised at how many names on this list I remember! Kirk Frederick, Scott Palmer, Lanie Comstock, Rayna Harvey, Tina McGee, Scott Bordonaro, Lori Purgahn...the list goes on. I live in north Texas now (since March 2001) with my husband, Bill, and our 2 children (Jenny 1998 & Tyler 2003). Bill and I served in the US Air Force together. He's now retired from the military and is an engineer doing a lot of testing/development & I'm a stay at home mom. I'd love to hear from former classmates. The last people I've had contact with were Shalene Melling and Rochelle Perrio, and that was in high school! Anyone know what happened to either one?

JoAnn Mertens Dockens, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address:
Wife, Mom, Administrative Assistant
Howdy 1987 friends! Hope everyone is doing wonderful! After grad, I worked full time, earned a degree and finally met the man of my dreams. I married Samuel Dockens who graduated from TJ in 1988. We are still trying to get him to buy a purple shirt…any suggestions? Help! We spent our one year anniversary holding our 3 week old miracles: twin sons, born 1-15-02…Daniel Jacob & David Joseph! Those little guys rock our world…we love being their Mom & Dad! After their birth, I quit my clerk job at the post office (no, I didn’t “go postal”) and started working from home so I could be at home with my sons. It’s been VERY fast paced since, in which I know you all can relate! I’ve been “running into” several classmates lately and it has been so incredible talking with people that I’ve known most of my life. It’s brought me back to a time when things were simple, safe and life was not so hectic. We all keep so busy that we forget what’s really important sometimes! Our reunion will be this year and I look forward to seeing all of you again. Have your best day today! Love, Jo
Updated: 3/22/07

Michelle Miller Rawson
e-mail address:
Occupation: Educational Diagnostician, Port Neches-Groves ISD
One son, Tyler, 12/20/95 and one daughter, Kaylee, 11-4-99

Christina Mitchell Judice
e-mail address:
Occupation: Clerical/Avon representative
I recently left my job of 11 years and joined McKesson Corporation. We do physician billing for radiologists and pathologists in the area as well hospitals and clinics. I also sell Avon part time. I married Rick Judice (1980 PNG graduate) in 1995. We have one child, Kendall Bryce (8-10-2000). We enjoy going to Astros games, concerts, traveling, hanging out with friends and of course PNG FOOTBALL. I still love to sing and frequent the local karaoke scene. I still live in Port Neches and, in a weird twist of fate, in the same house I lived in when I graduated. So if you are ever in the neighborhood, drop by. I would love to hear from any of you who care to email.
Updated: 8/29/07

Jodie Morris Strayhorn, P.O. Box 361, Nederaland, TX 77627
e-mail address: 
Occupation: Director- Toys R Us
Married Mark Strayhorn in 1988. Two children Blake {1993} and Hunter {2000}

Kim Neighbors Geldard, 60 Morningside Way, Canon, GA 30520
Phone number: 706-356 4148 

Michelle Newsom Smith, Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address:
Occupation: right now stay at home mom
I married Greg Smith from Groves 15 years ago and we have two beautiful daughters Jacquelyn 14 and Kirstie 13. I live in Port Neches only 4 blocks from where I grew up (I know world traveler huh!). I have an associates degree in Computer Information Systems Networking - Microsoft and 20 hours away from an associates in Accounting and 15 hours away from an associates in Medical Office Administration. I also plan to get my BA in CIS as well. Imagine me into school and a computer geek to boot!! Hope all is well with everyone and God Bless You All.

Claudia Nieves, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address:
Occupation: Accountant
Working at St. Mary Hospital Treasury in Port Arthur. Engaged to Tom Adams, PN-G Class of '84; will be moving to Uruguay, S.A. after marriage on June 20, 1998. In process of buying rental property to manage in Uruguay, South America

Julie Nolen Schexnider, 315 S. 15th Street, Nederland, TX 77627
Phone number: 409-729-2484
Occupation: Owner/Operator - Majestic Impressions
Married to husband, Tommy, 6-16-01. I have two children of my own--Brittny (10/5/90) and Christina (7/11/93) and step-son,T.J. (4/24/91). I have owned and operated paint and drywall business since 1993 and have recently decided to take a step toward more of the artistic side of the business (or I could just say I am too old to hang drywall anymore). Tommy is a supervisor for Brock Services. He is originally from Welsh, Louisiana where he comes from a big family of hunters and fisherman. So, I have acquired a few new hobbies. I am now preparing for bow hunting for next years deer season. For what you have just read, those who knew me in school, I always had to be different.

Maria Orta Morrell, 4545 Main Ave, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-962-3915
Occupation:  Housewife
I married Joseph Morrell on September 14, 2002. I have three children. Storm Gussman, age 7, Brittany Gussman, age 5, and Chandler Morrell, age 2. My husband owns his own business and is currently attending LIT in Beaumont to become a Process Operator.

Scott Palmer, Austin, TX
e-mail address:
Occupation: Sr. Director, Customer Solutions – E2open
Married Gretchen Doornbos (Nederland '89) in 1993. We have two kiddos, Hannah (10 years) and Jason (8 years). We both graduated from the University of Texas, never left Austin and probably never will. Gretchen is an RN, but is mostly a "stay-home" mom. Hope to hear from some of you! Scalp ‘Em!
Updated: 5/8/07

Jeff Patrick, 1734 Bevis, Houston, TX 77008
e-mail address:
Occupation: Electrical Engineer
Living in Houston with my wife Masae, no kids. I graduated from Lamar University in May 1997 with a BSEE and we have lived in Houston ever since. I work for an EPC company and my wife works for M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.
Here is some background before I started college. Right after high school I enlisted in the navy (’88 – ’92). After boot camp in San Diego I served at two duty stations; shore duty on an island called Adak in Alaska (’88-’90, not a high point in my life) and two years on a destroyer (USS Fife) homeported in Yokosuka, Japan (’90-’92). I didn’t like shipboard life but I loved the travel. We visited ports in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, and four ports in the Persian Gulf (Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, and Jebel Ali); but we mainly went to Subic Bay, Philippines and Korea. We went to Desert Storm and were one of the first units to fire at Iraq when the war started (we launched 20% of all Tomahawk missiles during the conflict). It sounds funny but those navy ad’s that say….”it’s not just a job, it’s an adventure”… were right. I experienced more on that destroyer in two years than I will in the next twenty. I was honorably discharged in May of ’92, and married Masae in Nov ’92. In 2005 we finished our mortgage and are completely debt-free. We have since celebrated by taking four trips to Europe (France, Spain, Greece, and the U.K.) and one
trip to Hawaii. God bless America and our troops who are maintaining the freedom we all enjoy.
Updated: 8/31/07

Dennis R. Pellerin. 478 Hwy Bus. 96 Buna, TX
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-994-3431
Occupation: Firefighter
After bartending for five years I finally finished Lamar with an assoc. degree in industrial fire protection and was hired by the city of Beaumont and I love my job. Married Sarah Isaacks (Buna'98) on May 30, 1998. We have three sons: Cade (12/2/99), Coy (10/25/02) and Kyler (6/7/05).
Updated: 2/28/06

Gina Primeaux DeCuir, 6748 Garnet Avenue, Port Arthur, TX 77640
e-mail address: 
Phone number: 409-736-2135
Occupation:  Legal Secretary for Provost Umphrey Law Firm
I attended PNG all my life through the middle of my Junior year. My mother remarried and moved to Jasper where she took me along. Although I moved, my heart always remained true to PNG and I will always consider myself an Indian! I married Lanny DeCuir (SFA 1988 Graduate) in 1997. My husband and I have one beautiful daughter, Anika Maree Decuir
UPdated: 9/26/06

Shannon Prince Carter, 126 Copperwood Loop, Round Rock, TX 78664
e-mail address: shancarter at (Done this way to avoid SPAM bots harvesting my email... Please change as necessary.)
Phone number: 512-388-9059
Occupation: Independent business owner and full-time mom
I met Scott Carter (from San Antonio) at Lamar University, and we married in June of 1992. I graduated from Lamar in December of 1992, with a B.S. in Computer Science. I did technical support for a few years, then moved to software quality testing, then software development until 2001, when I retired to be home with my daughter, Shae Michal, born 6/23/2001. Since then, we have had two sons, as well. Simon Joseph was born on 6/17/03. Spencer Scott was born on 3/30/06. My husband, Scott, and I own a few businesses and I run those from home, and I will begin homeschooling my kids this year. Email me for the web address for current pictures.
Updated: 6/22/06.

Paige Prouse Hervey, 6723 Jefferson, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address:
Occupation: Gift shop owner
After living in Houston 12 years, I moved back to Groves and opened a shop on Lincoln Ave called The Collection. We sell all kinds of gifts and home decor. I get to see LOTS of former PNG people there and LOTS of their moms. I married Donald Hervey from Houston in 1997 and we have two children, Gabe 3/09/00, and Adeline 5/29/02. Come in to the shop to see me - I am always there!
Updated: 6/28/06

Anthony D. Pruitt, 2201 Memorial Blvd., Port Arthur, TX 77640
e-mail address:
Phone number:  409-982-1866
Occupation:  Worked at Keating Chevrolet for four years.  Became certified and was contacted by Swensens A/C and Electrical and offered more money, so I am now employed there.
After high school, I had several problems and found myself in trouble alot.  I started working construction and traveled across the U.S.  I became tired of that so I decided to do what I enjoyed and become a professional mechanic.  I have been married for almost two years now to my second wife.  I have three children and enjoy being a father and a husband.  My wife, Diana, has been a waitress for almost eight years in Port Arthur at Southern Kitchen.  Her and my children are the best thing that has ever happened to me.  I would like to say thank you to everyone of you from the Class of 87 for all of the memories.

Mark Pyland, 6831 Hansen, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address:
Occupation:  Sales-Suncoast video in Beaumont & substitute teacher with PN-G I.S.D.
Single (big surprise); no children. Graduated from Lamar with a degree in vocal music education. Taught elementary music in Beaumont for a year.
After graduating, I went from being an Indian Singer to being in Cardinal Singers at Lamar for 4 years. I still perform, but now in theater and opera productions.  I would love to hear from anyone I went to high school with. 
Updated: 10/9/07

Cheri E. Railey, 618 Mississippi, El Paso, Texas 79902
e-mail address:
Occupation:  Attorney.  I am a prosecutor for the El Paso County District Attorney's Office
I married Ballard Shapleigh in November of 2000. I now have a wonderful seven year old step-son, Eliot, who resides in Orlando, Florida

Shannon Richard, 7410 Sweetgum Rd., Beaumont, TX 77713
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-753-2949.
Occupation: I am a Certified Pharmacy Technician. I have been with American Pharmacy for 13 yrs now.
I got married right out of high school in July,1987, to Denise Klumpp she went to Beaumont Charlton Poullard or B.C.P. We have 3 beautiful girls. Courtney who is 16 yrs old. Nicole who is 12 yrs old & Amber who is 10 yrs old.
Updated: 7/19/06

Dina Sattler Hernandez, 3268 East Drive, Groves, TX 77619-5117
e-mail address:
Occupation: Owner of Groves Red Apple Learning Express Daycare
I finished up my Master's Degree, lived in Houston, worked as a Federal Probation Officer in Lake Charles, and now own a day care. I married Gabe (TJ Class of '87) in October 1997, and have two boys, Gabriel (7/18/03) and Jacob (4/25/06).
Updated: 7/25/06

Jennifer Schexenider Landry, 2238 First Street, Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address: 
Phone number: 409- 721-9582
Occupation:  Custodian at PNG High School
I married Todd Landry from Nederland (class of '86) December of 1987. We have been married 20 yrs. and have three girls. My girls all attend P.N.G. currently. My oldest will gra
Updated: 1/29/08

Amy Sessions Hebert
e-mail address:
LVN at Christus St. Mary Hospital in Labor and Delivery. Will graduate to RN in May 2006. Married to Wayne Hebert (TJ-1987) on 9-18-1992. We have 4 great kids together: Erin Paige 11-14-91, Austin Wayne 12-04-1995, Fraternal Twin Boys Gavin Hayes and Mason Brant 7-29-1998. After my husband and I spent 7 adventerous years traveling around while he was in the Navy (Tennessee, Guam USA,San Diego Ca., Jacksonville, FL.) we are here to stay, Love to see and hear from former classmates.

Robin Slott McCutcheon, 5240 Frances Court, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address:
Occupation:  University Instructor/Coordinator of Field Experiences- Lamar University
Married Darren McCutcheon and have 2 children that I adore - Laura
(9/97) and Jacob (7/01). Darren and I love visiting with our friends so stop by anytime.
Updated: 6/2/06

Staci Solis Peveto, 3179 Williamsburg Ln, Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address:
Occupation:  Radiologic Technologist 
Married with three girls Allie born December 1987, Presleigh born February 2004 and Paityn born March 2005. I have a BULLDOG......Allie will graduate from Nederland in 2006! She chose to use her dads address to go to Nederland.  But I will raise my other two girls Indians.  :) Hope everyone is doing great. I would love to hear from you. 

Darren W. Taylor, 410 Caroline, Port Neches, TX 77651
E-mail address:
Phone number: 409-722-4382
Occupation:  Inside Sales @ Prime Rental Services
Feb. 11, 2003 Judy and I had a boy, Brock Joseph. We will be raising him an Indian taking him to the pep-rallies and football games. I'm still working for Prime Industrial out at Exxon Mobil in Beaumont.

Tad B. Terrell
e-mail address:
Occupation: Safety Inspector @ Total Petrochemicals
Married Kim Thibodeaux (Ned '90); 3 little indians twin boys Hayden and Hunter (9/96) and a daughter Hallie (8/02). Hope everyone is doing great!!

Kelly Theis Brown, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address:
I worked for Comfort Zone, Inc., for 5 years.  I married Stewart Brown (TJHS '84) in May, 1992.  I now stay home with our three children:  Jessica (1/29/93), Jarrod (11/17/94), Jenny (10/23/97).  Stewart is employed at Star Ent. and we live in Groves.

Scott Thibodeaux, Groves, TX 77619
Occupation:  Foreman/Machinest
I married Denise Wells (PNG 89) in Feb 93' We have a 1 son, Dylan. They are my life.

Tessie Thibodeaux Malone
Occupation:  Teacher
I am married to Mack Malone who is a varsity football coach at Livingston High School.   I have been a Spanish/ESL teacher for 8 years.  I was the drill team director at Willis High School for 5 years, but resigned to spend more time with our daughter, Maecey Anne, born 4/2/98.

Kim Thornton Garza, 2711 Pickering Court, Pearland, TX 77584
e-mail address:
Phone number:  281-412-3386
Occupation:  NIPSI Pharmacy in Houston, TX
Married Melchor Garza in 1996. We have two children, Caleb, born 9/9/98, and Ainsley, born 12/12/01.

Wendy Trahan East, 3123 Nederland Ave., Nederland, TX 77627
Occupation:  Housewife
2 Daughters Ariel 5/23/90, Madison 11/17/94. Married Mike East of Nederland.

Scot J . Trahan, 5020 Foster Groves TX
Phone number: 409-962-9758.
Married Laura Roccaforte 1993(T.J. '89) we have 3 children, Kamryn(6), Kendyl (5) and Koby (4mos.). Graduated Texas Tech Univ. Health Sciences Ctr. 1997 with Masters in Physical Therapy. Currently own and operate Absolute Therapy Services, home health contracting company.

Greg Trant, 3006 Morning Dove, McKinney, TX 75070
Occupation: Cellular Network Specialist for AT&T Wireless Services in Dallas.
I spent 8 years in the Air Force at Tinker AFB in Oklahoma City, OK. I met and married Laura Kesler there. We have two children. Zachary born 8/1/94 and Jordan born 1/8/97. We moved from Oklahoma City to Tulsa, OK, in 1995 and to Dallas in 1997.

DeeAnna Turner Halbert, 4621 Graves, Groves, TX 77619
e-mail address:
Phone number:  409-960-6614
Occupation:  I have returned to Lamar University/Beaumont to get my teaching degree.
I have one son Matthew Dalton (2/23/98) and two daughters Cynthia Nichole (7/10/92) and Patricia Michelle (10/1/93). I gained these two daughters by marrying Mitch (Todd) Halbert from Class of '86 PN-G.

Courtney Vanatta Landry, 130 St.Clair Drive, Leesburg, GA 31763
e-mail address:
Phone number: 229-446-0700
Occupation: Kindergarten paraprofessional, Mary Kay Consultant
I married my wonderful husband, Troy Landry, in December 1992, and we have a wonderful, precious 6 year old daughter, Haley. Troy is a Marine Corps officer, so we've moved often in the past 12 years (Virginia, California twice, New Orleans, and now Georgia!). I graduated from East Texas Baptist Univ. in 1991(B.S.,Business) and the University of San Diego in 1995 (Legal Assistant). Troy has been serving in Iraq this year (2004) and is finally returning home in October!

Dawn Walker Chauvin, San Antonio, TX 
e-mail address:
Phone number:  210-641-4814
We are the proud parents of five children! Hannah Rose was born November 1, 2001. That gives us three girls and two boys. Daren will be putting on 1Lt in August and is working on getting his Master in 2003. The kids are keeping me busy and I love every minute of it. My full time job is staying home. We really like San Antonio and plan to be here at least one more year. My oldest son will be a Freshman in HS in the fall. I can't believe it!

Kelsy Walker Crippen, 2841 Round Tower Lane, Port Neches, TX 77651
e-mail address:
Phone number: 409-724-7972
Occupation: Middle School Librarian (Port Neches Middle School)
Chris Crippen and I have been married for 13 years and have three beautiful children: Kristen Kay (age 4) and twin boys Cole Walker and Cayce David (age 2).
Updated: 10/13/06

Billy Waller
e-mail address:  

Kelli Walsh Ross 
e-mail address: 

Troy H. Weiss, 4410 Tarlton Way, Sugar Land, TX 77478
e-mail address:
Occupation:  Senior Piping Designer - Excel Engineering, Houston
Married Stephanie Weiss in June of 1995. We have two sons, Cameron (11/30/00) and Connor (10/07/04).

Kenny Wheeler, 4728 Hereford farm rd Evans, Ga. 30809
e-mail address:
Phone number:
Metrology specialist for Monsanto Inc
My fellow Indians, I am still alive. It took me some time to settle down and my wife of 16 years finily pulled that wild hair out. (There was a lot of pain with this removal) I have two children now an 11 year old boy and 8 year old girl. I now live in the suburbs of Augusta Ga. Home of the Masters Golf tournament. My brother and family still live with ya’ll but my Georgia Peach say it’s to hot down there to move, so I’m staying here. I still try to make it down at least once a year. My God Bless us all.
Updated: 11/14/06

Gregory M. Williams, 809 Gillon Dr., Arlington, TX 76001
e-mail address:
Occupation: AP Licensed Aviation Electrican Supervisor, working at Texas Aviation at Meacham Field in Fort Worth.
After high school I joined the Navy and I spent 5 years on active duty and 5 years in the reserve, ending my active service at NAS Dallas where I met my wife Holly Blum. Holly and I have 4 children. 1 daughter, Lacey (11-24-89); 3 sons, Taylor (3-10-92); Charlie (11-13-96) and James Gregory, (8-11-04.)
Updated: 9/276/06

Teresa Wilson Skrabanek, 12215 Beauregard Drive Houston, TX 77024
e-mail address:
Occupation: Stay-at-home mom
I graduated from Texas A&M with a BBA in Accounting. Worked as a CPA in public accounting and then for Christus Health until 2001. I have been married to Scott Skrabanek (an Aggie like me) since Sept ’05. We have two wonderful daughters: Elizabeth Ann (born 4/01) and Mary Kate (born 12/02).
Updated: 10/10/07

Kristen Woodfield, Nederland, TX 77627
email address:
Occupation: Accountant
I moved back to this area in July 2003 after living in several different places in Texas and Arizona over the past 16 years. I have one daughter, Haleigh (04/19/1998). She loves it here and I'm glad to be back home."

D'Anna Young Dale
e-mail address:
Occupation: Teacher, Port Neches Elementary
"It was great to see so many of you at the 20 year reunion!!” As many of you know I lost the love of my life in a 4 wheeler accident in 2005. We would have been married 13 years. He graciously left me with two beautiful boys who are now 12 and 8 years old. We still live right here in Groves and I work for our alma mater teaching 4/5th graders reading and dyslexia. Keep in touch. It was great visiting with friends and we missed those that didn’t make it.
Updated: 10/9/07

In loving memory… Shane Gates, Howard Greer, Leah Provost, Rocky Stamply, Bobby Thomas, Danny Torres, Cheryl Wagley, David Weddell, Keith Woods